Monday, October 29, 2018
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6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat

Curly hair is often aesthetic and complementary to makeup. Especially if you have long hair, the wavy and voluminous appearance will contribute to the appearance of your beauty.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to curl your hair is to use tools that heat and shape. But if you realize that your hair is damaged by heat and want to curl your hair without using heat, you are at the right place, here’s the list;

1-Using an Old T-Shirt

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (1)

1. Wash your hair as you always wash it, and then take the excess wetness from your hair by a towel.
2. Cut longitudinal strips to the edges from an old t-shirt neck region.
3. The thinner the strips are, the greater the tightness of the curls will be.
4. Then take your hair into small pieces and wrap it up to the ends of your hair starting with your hair on this strap.
5. If you do not want your hair to be as curly from the roots, you should start from where you want it to be wavy instead of starting with your hair roots.
6. If you don’t have an old t-shirt, you can use a bandana and tulle-like things instead.

2- By hair curler

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (2)

1. If you are constantly curling your hair, you might consider buying these hair curling tools from a cosmetics shops, it’s practical and effective.
2. You should wrap your hair with this curling tools when your hair is slightly wet.
3. It should take some time for your hair to take on the curly shape after you have absorbed your hair with the help of the rollers. This makes it much more successful than sleeping at night and opening in the morning.
4. You can use your mothers’ old-fashioned rollers, but since they will be thicker, your hair will be quite wavy than being curly.

3-With Help Of Pipet

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (3)

1. You can make your hair look like a naturally curly hair with pipets.
2. Make sure your hair is slightly wetted by wrapping it in piptes for a while.
3. Once the pipet has wrapped on your hair, you can attach a knot using two ends of the pipet to cover the space.
4. The ideal waiting time is at least 2 hours but if it stops for 4 hours it will be much more successful.

4-With Hair Band

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (1)

1. Wash your hair as you always do, then dry it with a soft towel, it should be very lightly moistened.
2. Attach the hair band on your hair as it will come up to your forehead, as in the first picture.
3. Take your hair parts around the hair band.
4. You need to wait for a while, the most secure way is to do this is at night before you sleep.
5. When you open your hair you will see that it is curly.
6. The thickness of the hair band will determine the frequency of your hair curling.
7. You can use a bandana instead of hair band in this method.

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (2)

5-With Wet Wipes

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (3)

1. Separate your hair into several pieces.
2. Wrap the wet wipes on the hair pieces that you want to curl starting from the tip.
3. After wrapping, make sure that it remains in this way by tieing the tips of the wet wipes.
4. After waiting for a long time or sleeping like this at night, you will see that the curls you want in the morning are in your hair.

6-Curling Your Hair By Knitting

6 Ways to Make Curly Hair Without Using Heat (5)

1. After washing your hair, divide your hair from ear direction into two pieces, from top to bottom.
2. Temporarily tie the upper part and divide the lower part in half.
3. Attach the two pieces you have separated in the lower part to each other by twisting them over the end to end and fix them to the upper part of your head.
4. If the hair is thin, divide the upper part into two and wrap it as you apply it to the lower part.
5. If your hair is thick, divide the pieces into two halves and wrap them between themselves. Then turn these pieces around your head and fix them to the other side towards the bottom.
6. . You can use a wire buckle to fix and secure your hair.
7. You can use jelly, spray or foam.
8. You will have very successful curly hair if you do it at night before sleeping and open it in the morning.

Also be careful to ensure that your hair is curled without damaging it;

1. Recognize your hair and choose shampoo and hair creams that are appropriate to your hair’s identity.
2. If you are using drier machines to dry your hair, prefer the cold button.
3. Be careful that your towels are ultra moisture-absorbing towels.
4. Keep brushing your hair until you dry it.
5. Make sure that the cosmetic products you use to moisten and shape your hair are not of heavy chemical content.

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