Monday, October 29, 2018

According to What Sorting Should Makeup be Done?

Sorting Should Makeup be Done

When you do makeup you need to have a sorting. Which ranking you should follow while doing makeup? I want to talk about doing perfect makeup by giving some hints to you about where you should start makeup before you do makeup..

According to What Sorting Should Makeup be Done?

Makeup should be step by step

When the wake-up sequence is not done correctly, all your makeup may look bad. That’s why you need to know the correct makeup sequence. Let’s talk about how make-up sequencing works for a perfect make-up.

Use the First Moisturizer

When you start makeup, what you will use first must be moisturizing. You should be careful that the moisturizer is not oily. The oil moisturizers cause roughness in your skin during the day and make the skin look worse. To understand this, if the moisturizer is immediately absorbed by your skin, the moisturizer is oil-free.

The second material is Foundation

After moisturizing, you need to apply foundation to your skin. Why should the foundation be moisturized afterward? If you are going to ask, for example, if you will continue after lipstick, it may cause lipstick to break down. For this reason, the second makeup material should be the foundation.

The third step eye makeup

As a third step, you should complete your eye makeup after foundation. The reason why the third process is eye makeup is that it is better to finish the lipstick on the lips after eye makeup and to judge and decide on it. For this reason, eye makeup is done as the third process.


Eye makeup followed by lipstick. Eye and lip care is a big deal. Because it is the two most important points shaping makeup. Even if you do not do anything, only eye and lip makeup will look better than before.

Final step Blusher

The final of the make-up is blusher. The reason why the blusher is left to the end is that it is a makeup material applied to the foundation. After applying blusher, makeup is done.

Is the sorting important when doing makeup?

Yes, sorting is really important when doing makeup. Some women argue that there is no makeup sorting, but it is of utmost importance. For example, the foundation that is put on after eye makeup can disrupt your eye makeup. At the same time, experts have proven that eye makeup is better selected because of the single color that comes to the face with foundation, and even eye makeup gives much better results.

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