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Are You Sexually Healthy

Are You Sexually Healthy

The way to live your sexuality happily and healthily is still to ne healthy.

Men’s irregularities, vaginal outbreaks due to infections, crotch and waist sores are the most common problems that affect women’s sexual lives throughout their lives. However, unfortunately, most women are confronted with such complaints only when they are confronted with such health problems and are negligent in taking precautions. However, experts point out that the treatment of most of these problems is possible, emphasizing that illnesses related to this indication should never be neglected for a healthy sexual life.

Menstrual irregularities

Problems with menstruation manifest themselves in the form of frequent menstruation, rare menstruation, no menstruation, massive hemorrhages, excessive bleeding or little bleeding during menstruation, long or short periods of menstruation. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Hakan Seyisoglu says that if bleeding irregularities occur, he should definitely refer to a doctor and he adds: “Under normal conditions, menstrual bleeding enters the plane within the next two years following the first bleeding and this order continues until the menopause is near. The most important bleeds for us are unexpectedly uneven, long-term bleedings that require research and treatment, “he said. Hemorrhagic irregularities in the uterus, called uterine fibroids, inflammation of the uterus or cervix, birth control pills and intrauterine spiral use, as well as hormonal effects can cause. Especially;

  • In those who are under intense stress,
  • Unconscious diets lose weight too much,
  • In women who do heavy physical exercise,
  • In those with eating disorders,
  • When the thyroid gland is working more or less,
  • Unbalanced bleeding irregularities are encountered.
Influxes related to flows

Except for colorless, odorless, and transparent normal currents, itchy and flammable liquids are a problematic messenger. Vaginal infections (vaginitis) or cervical infections (cervicitis) caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites are among the main causes of these currents. Generally, sexually transmitted microorganisms, antibiotic use, pregnancy, diabetes, obesity cause infections and prepare the flow. Sexually related burning and pain can also be felt with the current. An expert should be consulted for such currents, especially those that negatively affect sexual life.

To prevent infections:

  • Change your undergarments every day and prefer cotton ones. Do not stay in wet bathing suit after swimming for a long time. Take precautions in this regard as excessive weight and diabetes will prepare the ground for fungal infections. Pay attention to your overall toilet cleanliness. Do not use genital spray, perfume-added pad or buffer. Avoid wearing tight pants or tight underwear. Banyodan then dry the outer genital area with a towel. Pay attention to the use of condoms during sexual intercourse and do not change frequent partners, do not be with people who frequently change partners.


  • Go to ginecology at least once a year even if you do not have any complaints. ? Do not hesitate to consult your doctor when you feel a symptom that annoys you. ? When you suspect signs of sexually transmitted diseases, such as discharge, pain, itching, look at an expert without losing time. ? If you do not have enough courage to go to the doctor, repeat yourself often that a happy and healthy sexual life depends on your sexual health.

Cramps and back pain

Gynecological pain, which is the problem most women complain about, can turn everyday life into hell. In particular, the pain in the groin and waist circumference can have different causes. In addition to the reproductive organs, problems in the urinary tract and intestines can also cause pain. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Hakan Seyisoglu describes the pain as follows: “Pain is divided into two parts: sudden onset (acute) and long ongoing (chronic) pain, and sudden onset of pain is manifested by severe pain, a bleeding in the abdomen, a cyst or ovary and bleeding of an external gestation in the tubers is considered to be one of the most common and most important causes of these types of pain and chronic pain is caused by diseases such as diseases of the uterus such as diseases of the uterus such as endometriosis, The type of pain is very important in the diagnosis of the disease that is the cause of the pain.The pain that starts suddenly must be urgently evaluated and treated.You should go to the doctor without losing time.

Ovarian cysts

Many women may experience cyst problems in their ovaries at some point in their lives. Cysts in the ovaries usually do not show any symptoms, and most of the time the routine is noticed during gynecological examinations. The most common symptoms of cysts are menstrual irregularities, swelling in the abdomen, abdominal or groin pain, disorders of the digestive system, urinary tract complaints. Benign cyst does not cause any obvious discomfort, nor does it require treatment. Malignant cysts are judged by the damage to the size and the tissues in the examination. Post-menopausal cysts are likely to be malignant.

Wounds in the mouth of the cervix (cervicitis)

The vast majority of women are suffering from this disease at some point in their lives. Regardless of age, every woman active in the sexual orientation is a suitable candidate for cervicitis. The majority of women with inguinal pain and vaginal discharge can be found in combination with another disease or alone. The first symptom is the vaginal discharge that occurs in the period following the end of menstrual bleeding. Other symptoms include abnormal vaginal bleeding, itching, burning in the vagina, pain during intercourse, bleeding after intercourse, burning when urinating, and back pain. Since the symptoms resemble many other diseases, they are usually noticed by a gynecological examination performed for another cause. Early detection by smear test is possible.

Do not be afraid of the gynecologist!

Nowadays, there are some people who see sexuality as taboo, although women have developed their sexuality as compared to the old. Women are afraid to go to ginekoloğa despite asking a question on this subject. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Cem Murat Baykal says: “It is ideal to have the first gynecological evaluation of the first gynecologic evaluation and the necessary training in the beginning of menstruation, which is accepted as the first step to the youthfulness according to the rule applied in developed countries and developed countries all around the world. (first sexual intercourse) is a prerequisite for gynecological evaluation, in case of early detection of health problems or in the provision of preventive information and recommendations for the next life of the patient. ” Baykal says that it is possible to get rid of the disease by early detection, especially if it is possible to get rid of the disease by early diagnosis. “Baykal, who is able to get rid of this disease early on, is exposed to risks that may result in death of our patients. In addition, smear test is a test that should be done once a year by every woman whose sexual life has begun, even if there is no complaint.

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