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Benefits of Egg and Bodybuilding

The benefits of egg and its relation with bodybuilding increase the interest of athletes to egg protein. Why do those interested in fitness and bodybuilding consume parcels of eggs? Is there a damage if consumed too much? Should the egg white only be consumed? These questions are the basic questions of beginners of weight training.

Your stomach is hungry and you have opened the fridge, there are various foods and eggs inside. The time is late and you do not want your body to be lubricated. Here the egg is a unique food for you. Get the egg that will be the indispensable part of the protein diet, which is constantly recommended to those who are interested in bodybuilding or “diet to be slim”, and boil they eat. This is my advice. You ask why? Then let’s go to the details.

Benefits of Egg and Bodybuilding

Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals in the Egg

Eggs are one of the cheapest ways to meet our everyday needs for sure. The white of the egg can be used with excellent purity to meet the protein requirement of especially those who are engaged in fitness. Although the yolk of the egg contains all the fat of the egg, it contains most of the vitamins and nutrients. When we compare the white and the yolk of the egg, we can better understand what it contains.

Yumurta Beyazı

Yumurta Sarısı





0 5










Şeker 0





Vitamin A (IU)

0 245

Vitamin B12(mcg)



Vitamin D (IU) 0


Kalsiyum (mg)

2,3 21,9

Folat (mcg)

1,3 24,8
Potasyum (g) 53,8


Selenyum (mcg)



Omega-3 (mg) 0


The average amount of cholesterol to be taken on a daily basis is around 300 mg. This ratio is the same for both people who do not play sports and who does. For this reason, an individual who does not do sports can eat a whole egg when he/she wishes with ease. The figures given above are for the eggs of chickens normally grown on farms. We need to know that the numbers are falling in the chicken produced as a fabrication. Omega-3 ratios of chickens produced in particular are 20 times less than those fed cereal.

Looking at the figures above, eating only the white of the egg is not suitable. A B12 and D vitamins are not to be deprived. Almost all necessary vitamins are found in the egg. Only C vitamins are not available. Apart from the above figures, it also contains vitamin E in a small amount. Other vitamins in the body are B1 (providing energy production from carbohydrates), B2 (providing energy from protein and fat), B6 (regulating protein metabolism), B12 (supporting the nervous system and blood cells). If we think that an individual exercising with weight should eat 4-5 eggs in the morning breakfast, it would be enough to eat only the yolk of 2 with all the whites. This can be reduced to 1 over 35 years old.

We see that egg yolk has 5 gr fat. This oil is only 1.5-2 gr saturated fat, which is the fact that causes bad cholesterol called LDL. However, this figure is not a very high figure. Because even 1 gram of protein powder contains 1 gr of saturated fat. As it is known, some vitamins can be used by splitting in oil. Here are the oils found in the yolk of the egg. For this reason, we should not be completely removed from our diet. Besides, the egg is antioxidant at the same time.

Raw Eggs and Cooked Eggs

There is a myth that the egg has to be drunk raw since ancient times. We were faced with rhetoric as the raw eggs were strengthening the voice technicians. In addition, some say that the egg is eaten raw, allowing the protein to Raw Eggs and Cooked Eggsbe used in a higher quality. Recent research has demolished this phenomenon. I recommend everyone to cook eggs. Raw eggs are likely to contain Salmonella. Boiling or baking eggplants seriously lowers this possibility. Besides, it is not good to overcook. When the egg is over boiled, its yolk becomes green. This colored egg is now starting to become harmful. For this reason, we should pay attention to the color of the yolk. If the sarcophagus starts to turn right now I would recommend you to eat that egg.


Egg White and Yolk

The amount of protein contained in the egg is one of the highest quality proteins. When the nutrients are compared in terms of the quality of the protein, the only nutritional source that contains higher quality protein from the egg is the mother’s milk. When we compare the other nutrients, we have a quality of egg protein 94%, milk 85%, fish 75% and red meat 74%. As I just mentioned, egg white and yolks contain protein in about the same range. Because there is almost only protein in white, it must be added to our diet. As I mentioned, 1 to 2 can be eaten daily. If we are younger, we do not have to separate the yolk.

I tried to clarify the benefits of the egg and the subjects that you9 are curious about bodybuilding. If you have any problems, you can contact us in the comments section below or on our contact page. I wish all you healthy days.

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