Monday, October 29, 2018

Best Powder Marks and Prices

The powder found in each make-up bag is one of the most important make-up materials to complete make-up. For this reason, we would like to give you information about the best powder brands and prices sold on the market.

Best Powder Brands & Prices

The powder that every woman uses when she finishes her make-up and closes many mistakes on the skin is a very important material for make-up. A makeup that is so important for makeup needs to be quality and best because it closes many mistakes.

The names that come to mind first when it comes to the best powder brands are Maybelline Powder, Loreal Powder, Krylon Powder, Diorskin Powder, Alix Avien Powder. You can see the properties and prices of these high quality powders below.

Maybelline Powder and Price

Maybelline powder is a very suitable powder brand both in quality and in price. It helps your skin look healthier when you close the pores in your skin. Maybelline powder costs between $ 15.

Best Powder Marks 1

Alix Avien Powder & Price

Alix Avien powder can be used as a very nice concealer. Alix Avien, the most preferred powder brand, has become a recommended brand in almost every makeup block. The price of Alix Avien powder is $ 25.

Best Powder Marks 2

Mac Powder and Price

Mac powder is one of the most successful and most preferred powder brands by ladies. While Mac Powder is a very nice close task, the skin looks smooth. This powder that does not cause any damage to the skin is sold in the market for $ 40.

Best Powder Marks 3

Cryolan Powder and Prices

Cryolan powder is one of the best make-up brands. This brand, which is often used by the show world in general, is also a daily favorite. Especially the transparent powders are very popular.

The cryolan varies according to the grams of the powder. The price of kryolan pudran ranges from $ 40- $ 50.

Best Powder Marks 4

Diorskin Powder Brand and Price

Diorskin, branded as powder, forms a beefy skin. At the same time, it has a covering and fixing feature. Diorskin powder costs between $ 50- $ 60.

Best Powder Marks 5

Loreal Powder Brand and Price

If you want make-up to look more permanent and dull, you can use Loreal powder. Loreal powder is a very successful brand in this regard. Loread powder costs between 15 and 25 dollars.

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