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Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar

We know many people who have problems with Blood Sugar or have diabetes. What is this that called diabetes? Why does the blood sugar level rise or fall?

What is Blood Sugar?

The glucose used by our cells as energy is called blood sugar, which is circulating in the blood. Glucose is derived from carbohydrates, fruits, sugar and other nutrients that we eat. The fibrous nature of the foods we eat is of great importance in terms of nourishing their quality. Here, we do not mean expensive nutrition. The complex carbohydrate of the carbohydrate we receive indicates that it is of good quality. Instead of simple carbohydrates, we should include complex carbohydrates in our diet. Again, we should take care that sugar is good quality sugar. For example, tea sugar or powdered sugar found on the market is a poor quality sugar and the body might get damaged. Because, as we use this poor quality sugar, our body provides a short energy to the body, then it suddenly disappears and it lowers the body. Instead, the sugar contained in the “natural products” must be used. What are these natural sugars? It is sugar found in honey, fruit, dried fruits. The energy levels of these sugars are very high and they give the body a long time energy. Therefore, even in long-term activities, they do not allow the body to fall hard. If you like chocolates, try to get this as bitter chocolate.

The appropriate range for blood sugar values is 70-110 mg/dl. It’s easy to test. Instruments for measuring blood sugar are sold on the market. We will open the flesh of one of our fingers through the needle in these instruments, and when we touch the measuring paper of the instrument with the blood leaking through a small hole, the figure on the machine is the blood sugar level. The range for this value is the interval I just mentioned. The test made after meals may be a bit too high. That’s because it’s the body’s glucose intake. After a while, it will decrease due to digestion. At 3 o’clock in the evening, it’s the best time around. If you do not get up at this time, tests made before meals will be appropriate for those who do not have a disease.

Blood Sugar RiseBlood Sugar Rise

The reason for the rise of blood sugar is not to pay attention to our diet and not to do the exercises we need to do. As I mentioned earlier, meals based on simple sugars and excessive meals that have been overdone for a long time instead of frequent meals are factors that cause the blood sugar to suddenly rise.

One may feel that blood sugar is elevated. One of the biggest symptoms of this is the frequent urination, so the mouth gets dry due to lack of fluid in the body. In addition, because of the inability to use enough of the carbohydrates in our body, weight gain, especially after meals, excessive sleepiness factors such as sugar may be a worry.

Intervention For Person Who Get Sugar Rising

High blood sugar will damage veins and nerves. After damage to the veins, cataracts in the eyes, visual disturbances, even problems that progress to vision loss may occur. In addition, we may have to cope with the problems such as the kidneys can not fulfill the task of filtering and separate adequately due to the damage of the capillaries leading to the kidneys. Damage to the nerves can be visible especially in our hands and in our feet, and eyes. Due to the destruction of the nerves in these areas, it can cause problems on the skin over time, loss of sensation, and even progression to gangrene.

Diabetic is doing a glucose level finger blood test.

The first intervention to be done to the person with high sugar is insulin reinforcement with a needle called sugar needle in public language. How often and how often to give it depends on the doctor’s recommendation. In the body, insulin is produced by the pancreas. The duty is to use blood sugar as energy in the cell. Insulin is a hormone and helps regulate blood sugar. Serum supplementation can also be done for the purpose of fluid supplementation after insulin injection.

Blood Sugar DropBlood Sugar Drop

Symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, fainting can occur when blood sugar is low. This is because the glucose cells that are to be used as energy in the body cannot pass at an adequate level. This will cause discomfort due to energy loss. Sugar sources such as cut sugar, chocolate, jam, honey, or fruit juice intake will be suitable for you to eat. Keeping it under the tongue is the most convenient way because the salivary glands allow the blood to pass very quickly. In people who do not have an illness, it is unlikely to develop fainting as a result of falling sugar. Especially in places where we are suddenly ascending such as sudden departure, symptoms such as blinking and dizziness may occur. In this case, a meal that we normally eat will bring our blood sugar to normal levels.

As a result, we need to be fed and not pay attention to the fact that our blood sugar level is always in a regular and appropriate range. Mobil life and a proper diet will keep us away from these types of troubles. Individuals doing fitness do not normally suffer from diabetes, cellulitis, or excessive weight because their muscles are enlarged because they often exercise in a style that appeals to all muscles with a quality nutrition program. For this reason, the food we eat will go to great extent to feed our muscles. That is why it is a tough opportunity for our food to be stored.

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