Monday, October 29, 2018

Brown Eye Makeup

Brown Eye Makeup

Which color eyeshadow does the brown beige look like? Brown eyed bride is one of the most asked questions of the candidates. You can say that brown eyes, which are the same oval face type, are the luckiest eyes in the first place.

Almost all tones look harmonious and beautiful with this eye because it is the most natural eye color. Navy, green, purple and light brown tones give the best results.

You can use a darker eyeliner than your own eye color to make the eye color clearer. A darker brown or black eyeliner than its tonal will reveal more mascara eyes that are in the same tone.

You can navigate to warm tones to bring the brown eyes to the foreground. Soil tones, copper and gold tones are ideal tones for brown eyes. Lightly glare, gleaming and pearl-headlamps reveal the warmth of the eye.

If you have a light brown eye color, you should stay away from dark brown and black. You can use light coffee, pink, purple, golden yellow, light green and light blue light.

Smoky Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

The smoky eye makeup, which is a long-time fashionable Bihter makeup, is not only black and gray but also blue, pink, red, purple, gold and copper. Apply the most light tone of the selected color to the entire eye cover, and apply the dark tone from the outside of the eye cover to the brow bone and mix these two tonals together. Apply brown eyelashes to eyelashes and eyelashes on the same trail and apply your charm. We recommend using mascara in coffee tones instead of black.

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You can examine the make-up of world-renowned celebrities with brown eyes. Keira Knightley is one of the celebrities who can take an example in makeup style for the brown eye. Knightley, which we saw with smoky or minimal style make-up, shows that you can make up your makeup in any way to match your eye color.

Jennifer Lopez is also among the most admired brown eyed celebrities with makeup. In general, smoky makeup is preferred. Lipstick or dark burgundy tones are preferred.

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