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Cellulite Problem

The problem of cellulite is not related to weight. We can also face this distress in people who have complaints of weakness as we have encountered in people with weight problems.

Cellulite Problem

The problem of cellulite is not related to weight. We can also face this distress in people who have complaints of weakness as we have encountered in people with weight problems. The primary cause of cellulitis is hormones. Besides this, the way of living is very important. Have you ever seen cellulitis in someone who does sport? Here I want to elaborate on how cellulite is removed and why it occurs.

What is the cause of cellulite?

Cellulite is the appearance of fat texture under the skin that can be seen from the outside. Hormonal imbalances have a major role in the formation of cellulite. we are confronted with the image of “orange-skinned appearance” when we are pressing the hips and hind leg region with the head and the index finger, which is the most intense region for this, we have cellulitis problem. An example is shown in the picture. It is not an illness or disease. The reason for the formation is entirely related to the way of life and diet. If you have an intense work of leg muscles, that is, a lifestyle in which walking and running are abundant, you have no chance of encountering this situation. Besides this, the way of nutrition is very important. It will prevent the formation of a nutritional way of cellulite with consumption of abundant fiber foods based on green leaves. In addition, a protein-assisted diet is recommended in the same way. If you are still suffering from cellulitis, it would be appropriate to see a doctor if there is no medication we use.

When we look at the environment, we encounter cellulite in 80% of the ladies, but it is not seen in men. As can be understood from this, estrogen, the female hormone, causes this problem. Of course, the most intense secretions of this hormone are the most common twenties and forties age. Together with these, incomplete secretion of thyroid hormone, which is a very effective hormone in body fat storage, leads to this problem.

Genetic factors are influential in every aspect, and in this regard, it is also a challenge. If it’s in your mother, then there is the possibility of being in you too. How does this genetic cause this problem? Yes, another cause of cellulite formation is circulatory disturbances. Problems that occur in the blood circulation and capillaries decrease the fat burning process in these regions and this appearance is confronted. Taking too much weight and losing weight often leads to cellulite as it will cause deeper deformation.

The biggest nutrition factors in the formation of cellulite;

1. Alcohol
2. Smoking
3. Drinks containing caffeine
4. Hormonal and diuretic drugs.

In which regions is the cellulite seen?

The cellulite is divided into 3 phases. When we are sleeping for this, we need to look at the situation in which we are laying, standing and sitting.

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It is easy to take action at stage 1. However, if you have reached the 3rd stage, then the fat texture under the skin is attached to the muscles and connective texture here. It means that the treatment will require a little more work. I want to repeat that cellulite is not a discomfort. It’s just a visual problem.

Cellulite is frequently seen in areas where there is less movement in our body. These regions are the hind limb, the basal, the inner leg, the abdomen, the back arm. For this reason, we have to operate these regions absolutely by the sports we do. You can find exercise videos in the exercise guides

What is Cellulite Treatment?

It is very important for us to know what stage cellulite is. Massage treatment and some medical treatments are applied for the solution. In medically treated treatments it is possible to mobilize the fatty texture stratified under the skin by radio frequency waves or mesotherapy methods. Thus, the fat texture found here can be removed by the circulatory system. However, it is somewhat ambitious to say that these methods of treatment can completely remove cellulite, or that no such problem will ever occur. Because these methods can bring back to 1 or at most 2 phases. During the treatment period, it is especially appropriate to cut the salt which is holding the water in the body too much and to drink plenty of water. Nutrition and exercise are the first priority for treatment. Exercise and fitness movements with special emphasis on these areas will provide great results when supplemented with the right nutrition.

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage is particularly successful at stage 1. It has a detrimental effect on the individuals who have reached the other stages. It is appropriate to use moisturizing creams sold on the market during massages. With the massage, these creams will be fed into the skin, deeply relaxed, so that the fat layers that have been molded out here will be easier to distribute.

Cellulite Massage

Before reaching the muscles during the massage, massage the skin only. Once the cellulitis zone has been identified, we must press our fingers here and watch for movements to be correct. It would be appropriate to use moisturizing creams to make it deeply moisturized. If the region where the message is performed in the leg region, the skin texture in this region is thicker, so it would be more appropriate to apply some more rigorous procedures. Massage tools sold on the market can also be effective.

Massaging with coarse bath glove will provide support for cellulite treatment. Since the movement of the skin by pressing will move the capillary vessels in this region, the disintegration of accumulated fat texture under the skin will be accelerated. Special cellulite massage gloves are sold on the market. In addition, cellulite creams get under the skin to provide warming and dissolve the oils. These can be used as ordinary moisturizers can also be used and they do the same effect. The main purpose of the cellulite cream is to soften the skin deeply by moistening it, warming the area and removing the hardness.

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