Sunday, October 28, 2018

Damages of Hot Water Bag!

Damages of Hot Water Bag! 1

Experts emphasize at every opportunity that these bags, which are mainly used in the winter months, can bring various health problems together.

They are also as damaging as the benefits of hot water bags, which are usually effective in passing abdominal pain. Especially people with diabetes and nervous system related disorders can not feel enough the temperature in these bags.

Therefore, the body exposed to excessive amounts of heat will cause various reactions and the patient will cause some injuries. For this reason, hot water bags are a risky situation for such patients.

Damages of Hot Water Bag!

What are the other damages of the hot water bag?

1- If the body has become infected, the hot water bag will cause the infection to spread more rapidly throughout the body.

2- It may cause burns by irritating the skin.

3- Increase swelling.

4- Trigger edema problem.

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