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Easy Home Masks For Hair Care

Easy Home Masks For Hair Care

All natural and organic, home-made hair masks are very nutritious for your hair and hair roots. To make a homemade hair mask, you only need very cheap and at the same time very simple kitchenware, It also has effortless, easy operations at the same time. My grandmother always likened the hair to a spaling. If you give it enough water and teach it, it will be healthy and strong like a tree, she said. It will gain its full glory she added. It is possible to get bright hair that is full of life with nutrition with strong food provided by homemade hair mask and nature. In this article, we will explore the most powerful items you can use to create a home-made hair mask.

What are the duties of key ingredients in recipes?

Extra virgin olive oil: It acts like natural hair cream as well as moisturizing hair. It is used for long-term hair care. Ideal for fragile, dry, damaged hair, it is a nurturing, rejuvenating and provides healthy shine.

Milk: It gives the hair a soft feeling.

Lemon: Lemon, a natural astringent, closes the open pores in the roots to get rid of excess hair oils. You can lighten your hair with lemon. For this, you should use half a lemon and water to be diluted enough.

Coconut oil: A perfect product for soft and shiny hair.

Honey: Moisturizing. Honey is a very important material for home-made masks, especially for dry and dull hair. Gives moisture to inanimate hair, strengthens it to provide shine.

Apple vinegar: Itchy, dandruff, excess oil will be removed. It helps to extend your hair.

1. Feeder, Egg Hair Care Mask

Feeder, Egg Hair Care MaskThe egg is the most excellent food. Packed with all the nutrients that are full of health. The egg is known as a very rich source of protein. In fact, the protein contained in the egg is the highest quality protein that you will not find in any food until now. For healthy hair, a brief summary of the nutrition the egg contains is given below:

Protein: It feeds the hair roots and helps the hair to grow.

Fatty acids: Gives a natural shine to your hair.

Potassium: Heal for dry and damaged hair.

Vitamin A: Prevents hair breakage.

D Vitamin: Prevents hair loss and baldness.

B12 Vitamin: Provides hair growth.

Calcium: Calcium promotes hair growth, and provides healthy hair and is essential for proper absorption of vitamin C.

Before you sigh and say, “yuk disgusting! I have to say that the egg mask has incredibly supportive supplements in terms of calcium and protein. Gives the hair a soft texture and shine.

How is the egg mask made?


-1 egg
-1 glass of Milk
-1 lemon
-2 tablespoon olive oil

Preparation and application

1. Use one or two eggs depending on hair length. Separate the egg yolk and the white. Take the yolk in a clean, separate bowl.

2. Mix 1 glass of milk and 2 tablespoons olive oil and add to the egg yolk and beat it again.

3. Squeeze the lemon and add to the mixture. Lemon will provide a refreshing sensation in your hair.
Tip: You can beat the egg by beater more easily.

4. Apply it to your hair roots and your hair ends with a nice massage until it reaches everywhere. Wait at least 5 minutes. Everywhere may be messed up by the egg. If you do not like it, use a disposable plastic shower cap.

5. Rinse with warm or cold water. You can get rid of the egg pieces more easily and remove your hair more easily. Make sure you get your hair cleaned.

6. Make another final cleaning using organic fruit shampoo.

Quick Tips

– If your hair is long, make sure you wash your hair very well. Do not use hot water to wash your hair. The egg in this mask will be cooked and will stick to your hair and will be boiled together with the egg.

– Eggs can leave a smell on the hair that is not pleasant. By using a shampoo (or any beautiful, pungent shampoo) that contains nice strawberry-smells, you can free your hair from the smell of eggs.

– Lemon juice can create a burning sensation on your hair. There is a benefit to using proportional. Use a lemon juice for 2 egg yolks.

– If the smell of eggs really annoys you, turn into periods that you can apply it once a month. We absolutely know that it has no inspiring smell, but you have to put up with it to have well-groomed hair. No rose without the thorn.

-Use egg white for oily hair and egg yolk for dry hair weak hair. You can use a whole egg for normal hair.

2. Banana, home-made hair care mask

Banana, home-made hair care maskBanana is one of the best fruits. You can find it every season. In terms of potassium, vitamins, antioxidants in terms of being super it is rich has and also has amazing taste. Banana contains natural oils and moisture. The homemade banana hair mask prevents hair breakage and hair spill. You can have shiny and healthy looking hair. The incredible moisturizing feature of the banana strengthens your hair to preserve natural hair suppleness.

Potassium: A source of health for damaged, dry hair.

A Vitamin: Strengthens hair roots, nourishes dry hair.

E Vitamin: Provides healthy hair and hair roots.

Vitamin C: It regulates the rate of oil accumulating in hair.

How to make a homemade banana hair mask?


– Two pieces of mature banana
-1 soup spoon coconut oil
-1 tablespoon olive oil
-1 tablespoon honey

Preparation and application

1. Crush two mature bananas thoroughly and mash them. Make sure you do not leave big pieces inside.

2. Add honey, coconut and olive oil to the crushed mixture and mix again.

3. Apply go your hair. Wait at least 5 minutes for a good effect.

4. Rinse well with warm water. The banana has a pleasant, delicious scent. So you do not need to use a special shampoo.

Quick tips

– Use well-mature bananas for easy mixing.

– It can be hard to brush your hair after you wash it. That’s why we recommend you to use hair cream.

-You do not need a special organic shampoo, because the banana already has a nice essential odor.

3. Hair care mask made with yogurt

Hair care mask made with yogurtYogurt is a rich, its containing antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, and protein multiple foods. Yogurt is the controller for excessively oily hair, When long hair gets longer, it loses its moisture, so its effect on long hair is also moisturizing. Briefly, the yogurt has a balancing structure. For more moisturizing properties for hair care can be combined with other culinary supplies such as bananas or strawberries.

How to make a hair mask with yogurt?


– half cup yogurt (can be changed depending on volume or length of hair)
-1 teaspoon apple vinegar
-1 teaspoon honey

Preparation and application

1. Mix the yogurt, apple vinegar in a bowl.

2. Apply to your hair, hair bottom, and roots.

3. Wait at least 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

4. If you do not like yogurt smell, wash your hair with an organic fruit shampoo.

Quick Tips:

– Use probiotic natural yogurt. You can even make yogurt at home. Yogurt that is made in-house is a richer source of nutritional value and contains live natural enzymes. Also, be careful that the yogurt you use is sugar-free.
– While you wait, the mask can flow from your hair. You can use filtered yogurt to prevent this.
– The vinegar can cause burns in your hair. Do not use it too much.

4. Homemade, creamy avocado hair care mask

Homemade, creamy avocado hair care maskAvocado beauty treatments are used for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. This homemade avocado hair mask is ideal for those with dry and brittle hair, as avocado contains moisturizing properties to revitalize dull lifeless hair.

How to make a hair mask using avocado?


– Small ripe avocado
-1 soup spoon olive oil or almond oil
-Half glass of milk

Preparation and application

1. Cut the avocado into pieces. Paste it into a mash and watch out for no lumps.

2. Add milk and olive oil (or almond oil) and mix well.

3. Apply to hair bottom straight to the ends of the hair.

4. Wait 15 minutes and wash. You may need to remove the pieces of avocado with the help of your fingers.

Quick tips

– Choose a very mature avocado paste and a very light oil mix.

– Do not forget to rinse thoroughly to remove all the remains of the avocados.

-You can not use hair cream after it is rinsing. Avocado will add softness to your hair due to its natural structure.

5. Make a hair care mask with delicious strawberries at home

Make a hair care mask with delicious strawberries at homeStrawberry has a good amount of Vitamin C. This is the perfect natural ingredient for controlling the oily hair. Be very polite during rinsing, because you may cause excessive oil buildup. The strawberry regulates the pH balance of the hair and gives the hair a natural shine.

Vitamin C: Ideal for bright hair. Vitamin C helps in controlling hair oil.

How to make a strawberry hair mask?


– A handful of fresh strawberries (use more for medium and long hair)
-1 soup spoon coconut oil
-1 soup spoon honey

Preparation and application

1. Mix the material until you get some kind of fine paste.

2. Apply the mixture to wet hair roots and wet hair ends.

3. Rinse with warm water. Because of the pleasant smell that the strawberry naturally has, you will not need a second good fragrance. You will not have to use organic shampoo.

Quick tips

– An additional moisturizing product should not be used with this mask. Otherwise, since your hair becomes too oily, you can disrupt the oil balance of the hair.

6. Nutritive Egg Mask for All Hair Types

Nutritive Egg Mask for All Hair TypesEgg yolk is a natural moisturizer, rich in nutrients and proteins. White of the egg destroys bacteria and oil. Those with normal and dry hair can use the entire egg, while those with oily hair can use only white.


– half glass of egg whites and a half glass of yolk (only white for oily hair)


1. After cleaning your hair, leave your hair slightly moist before applying the mixture.

2. If your hair is too long, you can increase the amount of yolk and whiteness of egg.

3. Apply the mixture to your hair and massage the hair deeply.

4. Wait 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. If you want, you can shampoo.

5. By applying this mask every 2 weeks, you can ensure that your hair will be nourished.

Finally, remember, hair masks require continuity. As a result of regular applications, you can get effective results.

I hope that these homemade hair masks bring to your hair health and natural beauty.

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