Monday, October 29, 2018

Edema Can Be a Symptom of Many Diseases


Edema is a buildup of water in the body. If you get a white view when you press in your skin with your thumb for a few seconds, this is a sign that it may be edema. If you think you have edema in your body, you should avoid packaged foods and excessive salt consumption.

Edema can be a symptom of many diseases


Allergic reactions may give an indication of itching with edema. It’s something to be considered.


Hormone imbalances can cause excess water accumulation in the body. You may feel constant swelling in your stomach.

Kidney Diseases

If you feel swelling in your body, especially in the morning hours, this may be the news of kidney diseases. Changes in urine color may be noticeable.

Heart diseases

Legs and abdominal swelling may be a symptom of heart disease, accompanied by pain, fatigue or shortness of breath on the head. You should consult your doctor before time lose.


In the first phase of the dehydration, your body begins to accumulate fluid later. As a result, the lower part of your ankles, your wrists, and your belly can swell.

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