Monday, October 29, 2018

Eye MakeUp Removing With Rose Water

Eye Make-Up Removing With Rose Water

While makeup is an indispensable element for women, eye makeup is one of the make-up areas that women who are never to be ignored must apply. Especially eye liner, mascara and eye pencil which are used to add meaning to the eyes are the indispensable elements of eye makeup.

Eye Make-Up Removing With Rose Water

Another important issue to make up, as well as to look good, is the cleansing of the make-up in terms of skin health. Sleeping with a makeup face can cause serious damage to the skin and eyes. Chemical substances contained in cosmetics products can cause wrinkles at an early age, we now know that many of us.

The content of the products that make up the make-up products, as well as being healthy and make-up, is also important. Eye makeup remover are made from natural products, and while you do not cause allergies and pus, you do not get tired of eye contact. At the same time, by providing care, you also protect your skin health.

We have prepared a natural formula for you to clean your eye makeup. Extremely useful, natural and healthy, this formula will be good for you. Perform a natural eye make-up cleaning with Rose Water and Olive Oil.

Ingredients for Eye Makeup Remover

Rose water, true cold-pressed olive oil and capped glass bottle

Preparation: Mix olive oil in a glass bottle and mix well. Always rinse the bottle before you clean your eye makeup and keep the mixture on your cotton for 5 seconds on your eyes. We do this process so that the makeup on your eyes is well solved. After this process, we continue to thoroughly clean the cotton. If this makes you feel greasy then you can rinse with warm water. With the most natural method of cleansing, you will also be able to extract the moisturizing process. With this extremely effortless, economical and easy method, you will have a healthy and beautiful looking eye area.

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