Monday, October 29, 2018

Eye Makeup Techniques

Eye Makeup Techniques

With eye makeup techniques you can reveal your gaze further. If you make up your eyes in accordance with eye shape, your eye shape will come out more. Eye makeup person’s face shape, closeness and distance of eyes, details of skin color should be fully known and should start to eye makeup.

If your eyes are close to each other in a face-to-face fashion, the distance between the eyes is required before making eye makeup. To do this, you should put a dark headlight on your eyelid. You should then make shades with color blends. You can put a light headlamp on the lower areas of your eyebrows.

Eye Make Up Suggestions

If your eyes are distant from each other, you can make a proportional eye makeup by choosing light colors on the outer eyelids and dark colors on the inside.

Eye Make Up Suggestions

If you use blue eye pencil in bright tones, your eyes will shine inside. By using the eyelash, you can separate your eyelashes from each other.

You will heat your eyelashes bigger for 5 seconds with a fingering machine and then you will get more effective results when you fold your eyelashes.

Using your napkins when applying the fascia to your lower eyelashes will prevent you from getting tired. You can keep your eye pencil in the ice-cube for a while and then open the tip comfortably.

You should absolutely apply powder before using the eyelash. For false eyelashes, you can apply the adhesive to your lashes with the help of a toothpick.

There are multiple suggestions for eye makeup. Among them you are lucky if your skin is light or blond if your eye makeup is more beautiful. It is possible to use all colors of foliage. You should start with your eyelashes first and then with a light color until your eyelid finishes.

Apply the colors that are close to the brown, bronze color on your eyelid. You should drive the darkest tone to the finish line of your eyelids for depth.

Dark-skinned ladies can also use it comfortably. The dark headlight as far as the lips of the lashes should be stretched slightly to the sides. Red-haired people can use colors such as caramel, lilac, black. You can also hand in these colors similar to the make-up of blonde ladies. But do not drive too dark colors on the part between the eyes and the nose.

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