Monday, October 29, 2018

Eye Shadow Tactics

Eye Shadow Tactics

An eye shadow of a makeup can transform you into a clown when the right techniques are not applied. For this reason, the wrong techniques should not be applied.

Eye shadow tactics

I want to talk to you about what you need to do and how to know some technical information.

Use of foundation before eye shadow

It is very important that the eye shadow that you apply before applying the eye shadow is permanent all day long. For this reason we need to use a base before browning.

I would recommend liquid foundation to you. Thus, eye makeup does not flow and does not break. After applying the eye shadow, it is useful to fix the eye shadow with a little powder.

Eye Shadow Tactics (2)

Eye Makeup Technique

The most important thing you should know about eye makeup technique is this; There is no place to exaggerate your eye makeup. It is better that you give more importance to your face and make your eyes a lighter makeup.

If you join a very special and crazy party this time things can change. In this case you can also make an exaggerated eye makeup.

Eye shadow and eye color

Take care not to use the same color of your eyes as the color. Because you will use it for your eyes, the headlight color is the same as the color of your eyes, it turns into a dull and expressionless look.

If possible, I would recommend a color scheme in the exact opposite colors of your eye color.

Eye shadow lines

Eye Shadow Tactics (1)

If you paint your eyeshadow through a distinct line you have drawn earlier, it will look much more attractive. Try to paint randomly. Especially if you are using black eye fusing, make sure you keep your eye shadow on and keep it on a line.

The Importance of Lashes in Eye Makeup

Make a good eye makeup as you please. But do not forget to make your eyelash diploma clear with a eyeliner or eye pencil. This process will make your gaze deeper.

Daily Makeup and Eye Shadow

You should never exaggerate the eye shadow in your daily eye makeup. Especially the colors you need to choose are more soft and powdery tones.

However, you can also make your choice according to the color of your clothes. However, it is useful to keep the eye shadow at the minimum level. You definitely should not apply a heavy makeup.

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