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Fitness Program

How should the fitness program be done? Can bodybuilding be done at home? Or is it necessary to have a program for fitness before all? Yes, absolutely yes. Fitness means being good, being in form.

fitness program

What is the Fitness Program?

How should the fitness program be done? Can bodybuilding be done at home? Or is it necessary to have a program for fitness before all? Yes, absolutely yes. Fitness means being good, being in form. When doing fitness, we are interfering with our body, our hormones, our metabolism. If we do not look at it more seriously and professionally, injuries, unintelligible consequences, and spoiling to the point where we will not be able to do sports again will be the cause. While our goal is to be better, we can find ourselves in a situation where we have been living our lives until the end of sports. Now let’s come to how to make your fitness program.

How should a bodybuilding program be done?

The first thing I want to say is that the bodybuilding program should not be done for 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months. It can be short-term goals or short-lived entrants, but fitness is a sport and it is not logical to enter serious expectations in a few weeks in any sport.

Let’s get started.

How should a bodybuilding program be done

• Fitness does not have to be applied in the gym.

The machines in the gymnasiums are manufactured with the aim of isolating many muscle groups that we use during exercises with body weight. If we know how to work our bodies, if we know which muscles work, bodybuilding movements in the house will be enough to get the physique we want. Already, the most important thing is to save sports fans from the sports halls and to get the physics they want at home.

• Secondly, we can say that it is unhealthy to do fitness by just running a piece.

In general, the focus of the sport is to make men’s abdomen rituals from the men in the result of incoming messages, e-mails, and comments, and to dissolve them in the women’s direction. What we need to know is an important fact, whatever our goal is, we need a serious sports program. It does not give us anything to do exercises for only those areas, either to dissolve fat in a particular area or to develop muscles only in a certain region. Each muscle has a specific relative in the body and is in interaction with other muscles.

• “Making one of the rings of a chain thicker or thinner than others will cause them to be damaged by disrupting the load and balance that rides on other rings at the time of a load such as to make this chain stronger or weaker.” The same is true for our muscles.

• It is better to plan backward when creating the fitness program.

We have to determine the date on which we plan to reach our target, and from there, backward evaluation should be made.
• It is better to plan backward when creating the fitness program.

We have to determine the date on which we plan to reach our target, and from there, backward evaluation should be made.

Example 6 Months Fitness Program

For example, if you want to have a definition and fit body after 6 months, then you need a maximum of 6 weeks of the previous 6 months, a hypertrophy of the muscle fibers in the 6th week of the previous 6 months, and an exercise circuit We can plan as. So our program

• 1-month practice – 6 weeks hypertrophy – 6 weeks maximum force – 2 months will be a definition.

Apart from this, it should not be expected that there will be a serious way to deal with bodybuilding sport in just one or two months. Even the example above is lighter than a real plan. There are coaches who indicate that an individual who starts a fitness sport needs to practice and adapt from 6 months to 1 year. First of all, we should not give importance to the exercise period with many other reasons such as preparing our ligaments and joints for loading, learning exercises and teaching our muscles and knowing our body to be sure that we are running the right muscles during exercises. Otherwise, it is highly probable that we have caught injuries we see in many sports.

How does the fitness nutrition program work?

How is it all a good fitness nutrition program? Nutrition is as important as a regular fitness program. According to some people, 60% of the fitness program is nutrition and 40% is fitness. When we look at social media, you’ll see that everywhere we say “grams of protein per kilogram, so many carbohydrates should be taken.” Introducing a strain in this way to an individual who has just started a sport will cause him to have a spud cooling or weight gain. It is not easy to make such calculations. Many factors, such as muscle mass, metabolism rate, and training intensity, will affect our diet. I ask: Are an athlete with the same weight but someone who has been involved in bodybuilding sports for 2 years and a newly started athlete have the same protein requirement? Of course not. It means that we will only take the kilo and do not affect the protein. What should we do? For beginners, the recommendation is to find a daily calorie need, 40-50% of which is from carbohydrates, 30% of the rest from proteins and 20% from oils. If we need daily calories, our basal metabolic rate will be found in our daily energy consumption. The nutrition plan I mentioned above is a generalization. If you feed in this way, your weight will remain constant. If you have a goal to weaken, you can lose 250 calories from your daily energy needs. On average, reducing 7200 calories from our diet means weighing 1 kg. In addition, the types of food we buy during feeding are also important. We should pay attention to the fact that carbohydrates are largely carbohydrates from simple sugars. Besides, we must consume protein sources as diverse as possible and we should also go for healthy oils. You can check out our nomenclature of Nutrition from our library as relevant to food items. Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Oils you will find on our site again.

How does the fitness nutrition program work

In addition to what I have described above, I can not do such a detailed calculation. Do your workout regularly and get good quality when your stomach is hungry for. Go to the foods that your aboriginal body needs. Divide your plate into cubes and fill three-tenths of divided carbohydrates, three-tenths of split protein and three-tenths of divided greenery and enjoy your meal.

How many days do a week training?

The matter of how many days a week you need to do sports is entirely related to your lifestyle. But I must say that if you are not prepared for bodybuilding competitions, you do not have to spend every day in the gym, even competitors do not usually enter the gym every day. How many days a week we will sport in the future. We said that the sports program had to be made up of stages. After that, what we will pay attention to is what is the goal of phases. We need to decide how many times per week we plan to run each muscle group before we need to train how many days per week in accordance with this goal. In general, it is not appropriate to operate a muscle group more than 2 times a week. Overload will return to us as muscle loss. Every time we decide how many times a week we will run, the next thing we need to know is that we should not run the same piece for two days. In the light of this information, we can choose one of the following.

• We can work 3 days a week and work all body muscles in one order,
• We can work for 4 days a week, divide muscle groups into two, work every other week for 2 days,
• We can work for 4,5 or 6 days a week and distribute muscle groups for more days.

Whichever of the above options you apply, it depends entirely on our goal, on which phase of our general program we are, daily routine and sports facilities. The most important thing I can say if you are going to ask “when to do sports?” Do it whenever you want, but do not stop it more than 3 days a week.” If you get accustomed to doing sports at what time of day your body is getting used then you should continue at that hour. Our bodies get used to the plane we are setting up and at this time it becomes ready for training. But under unfavorable conditions, sports watches will of course change. But in general, the more we standardize, the more effective we can work out.

What should we do to lose weight?

First of all, we must put our lives in order to lose weight. We need to adjust our sleeping hours and take care to sleep around 7 hours a day. This sleep time should be between 03:00 and 04:00. These hours are the hours when the body goes to sleep most deeply to relax and secrete the most growth hormone. In addition, we should exercise regularly and eat balanced. It is not very appropriate to apply the diets that we hear around, such as this diet, and that diet, that are used to lose weight. The important thing is to have a balanced diet and regular exercise. Balanced diet, protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals to our diet are to take as much as we need. The way to get rid of our excess oil in our bodies is to do regular exercise. Our aim is not to be spoiled much in 3 days. To do this we have to do sports for at least 3 days a week. General information on how to do our training program is given above.

I wish all healthy and full of exercise days. If there is anything you want to ask, you can forward it to us in the comment section below or in the communication section. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

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