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Fuller Lips in 3 Steps

Fuller Lips in 3 Steps

Filled lips are all women’s dreams. Some people’s lips are so scarred that almost lipstick is not visible. With these 3 tips, you can show your lips thicker than you have. Be sure to have thick lips without the need for cosmetic surgery and without spending too much money on your life. If you want to take your focal point to your lips, you should know that you should not exaggerate your skin and eye makeup.

Lip Credit

Fuller Lips in 3 Steps (1)

You always hear the face-to-face charge. Since the area to be make-up is small, it is easy to make the counter work. Lightly line your skin color just under your lower lip line with 2 tons of dark eye pencil or lip pencil. It will create shadows on the bottom of your lips and put your lower lip in the foreground. You will see better with a brown pencil to see what a smallish doll will do.

Lip pencil

Fuller Lips in 3 Steps (2)

Lipstick is a must to increase lipid permanence. You know the lip make-up of make-up of the 80’s. The lips framed irrelevant to lipstick were nicer. Today’s fashion is natural, but you have to be careful that your lipstick color with lipstick color is similar, albeit not individually. First, you should apply your lip pencil without rubbing it on the edges, and this is just to increase lipstick permanence. Later, rub your lipstick and frame your lips with your lip pencil. The lip pencil will make your lip lines look sharper and clearer.

Bright Lips are a Must for Fullness

The matte lipsticks show how lips are dry and thin, and the glossy lipsticks are quite thick. For this reason, lip-gloss is the most important alternative for full lips. But not everyone likes lip-gloss. It is known that the hair sticks to the mouth, leaves a residue on the lip, and some of those disgusting tastes. Therefore, after applying the 2nd step, you will be able to make your lips look fuller if you apply a transparent polisher to the middle part of your lower lip.

Bright Lips are a Must for Fullness

As seen, not only cosmetic surgery is necessary for full lips. You can spoil yourself for up to 5 minutes in 3 steps. You should peel your lips once a week and moisturize every evening.

Lip Plumping Shine Materials

  • Unused Lipsticks
  • A Sweet Potato Glycerin
  • 1 Tea Spoon Black Pepper Oil and Almond Oil
  • Water-filled Coffee Makina
  • A Container, Tea Spoon and Sweet Spoon
  • 1 Sweet Pepper Honey
  • 2 Tea Spoon Vaseline

Start to melt in the steam of the coffee machine by adding the lipsticks you do not use in a container. Once the lipsticks have melted, put them into a sweet spoonful. Then add a teaspoon black peppercorn oil, 1 teaspoon glycerin and 1 teaspoon almond oil. Add 2 teaspoons of petroleum jelly and mix well to get a little thick consistency. Inside the shiner, the black pepper oil plumps the lips with time and creates a very slight burning sensation. You can use vanillin as a tea spoon, preferably as you do not like sugary polishes.

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