Monday, October 29, 2018
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Hair Color Thickening by Coffee

Hair color thickening by coffee

If you want to bring your hair to a darker color than it is by a home environment, this method may be the method you are looking for. The best thing about this method is to avoid using the chemical harmful effects of hair dyes and to avoid the wages you will pay them.

Recipe for hair color thickening


• 2 tablespoons hair cream
• 1 tablespoons coffee ground
• 2-3 drops of lavender oil

Preparation and application

1. Mix the coffee ground with the hair cream until you get a thick consistency.

2. If you do not like the smell of the mixture, you can add 2-3 drops of lavender oil or any vegetable essential oil to the mixture.

3. Apply the mixture homogenously by your hands starting from the hair roots towards the tips.

4. Once you have completed applying the mixture process, cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes like that.Hair color thickening coffee

5. Rinse your hair with warm water without using shampoo.


• Using more organic and less processed coffee will help you get more effective results.
• You can use espresso instead of coffee.
• If you have longer hair, you can increase the number of materials evenly.
• If you want to prolong the lasting period, you can add henna in a small amount.

Interpretations of those who used coffee for hair color thickening.

• Some people say they are getting darker and brighter hair when they add Nutella.
• Those who applied it on a dyed hair said that it is not as effective as undyed hair.
• There are different interpretations in terms of color lasting, but it is said that the average duration is between 1 week and 2 weeks.
• Users often say they get the tone they want and that their hair is brilliant.

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