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Hair Styles

Hair Cutting Styles

Hair Cutting Styles
Hair Cutting Styles

It is quite easy for a woman to get a fresh look. The haircuts of women who can easily reach a completely different climate with small changes especially made in the hair are like a bomb in 2018 literally. If you want to examine the models that will make eyebrows live this year with one thousand kinds of cutting model, here are the 2018 trend hair cutting styles:

Short haircut styles

With the arrival of the new year, we have made many changes, and nowadays, the haircuts that have taken place from these changes have gotten into another air. Particularly short haircut models are quickly registered to women from male users. If it is necessary to list the most preferred short cut hair models;

• Short fold haircut style

Short fold haircut style

This haircut style, which can be easily carried by women with fine-wired hair structure and women who are used to short hair use, is used as a short-folded back and more curved. Women with wavy or curly hair will have to use this model continuously with smooth fingers. Do not try this model if it is difficult to deal with fön.

• Fairy haircut style

Fairy haircut style

Again, among the straight hair cutting models, the favorite part of this cut is the shortening of the ear, which is the most noticeable, with the machine. Especially young women between the ages of 20-30 prefer the model, the face is thin and long suits the women. Both easy to use and very simple to shape, you can use it in daily life or with simple shapes for special occasions.

• Asymmetrical haircut style

Asymmetrical haircut style

In recent years, especially asymmetric cuts are the most preferred model among women. Both the asymmetrical cuts that combine with a short hairstyle, which adds a different air to the hair and conquers the stomach with its posture, is really nice.

• Wavy short haircut style

Wavy short haircut style

Women with wavy and thick hair have more hair complaints than others. In particular, wavy and curly hair types with a reduced cut pattern option can cause problems even if they are shaped. This is why Cinsten will enter your 2018 trends in haircuts that will be a rescue for wavy-haired women who generally do not prefer different models. You should use this model without extending your hair. Do not forget that the image will be distorted and difficult to shape as you stay.

• Curly short haircut style

Curly short haircut style

The haircut styles are coming to life this year. The scissors that can be cut according to every style of hairstyle are brought together with especially short hair and there are cuts that every woman can not dare. In particular, women with marginal styles prefer casual models, in which large women carry very well.

• Engraved short haircut style

Engraved short haircut style

This haircut model of this year will make a stone to male cutting models Cinsten. Many women who leave the classical segments behind now prefer models that are close to the male segments. This model, which is often seen in many women wearing sportswear, is among the models that we will often see in 2018.

• Heart facial short haircut style

Heart facial short haircut style

Among the hair models cut according to face shapes, this model which is suitable for women with lines that we call only heart face model is recommended especially for women with straight hair. You can easily use and shape this model, which fits most to the wash, dry and go out triple. But if you have a swollen hair structure, stay away from this pattern even if your face shape is heart.

• Short cutting style for thick hair

Short cutting style for thick hair

Hair cutting models are important for female friends compared to their hair types, and there are women who have lush hair. It is often not possible to cut and apply every hairy hair whether it is wavy or straight. If you are afraid of short hair, but because of your loudness, this model will go very well.

• Short blunt cutting style

Short blunt cutting style

Particularly thin-necked women with very stylish pile haircuts this year is still very fashionable but with a difference. When combined with the trend of the year, an extraordinary segment emerges. This model, which can be easily used by many women with a little hair and flat, is among the models that young girls will enjoy using.

Medium-length haircut styles

Medium-length hair, which provides greater ease in both care and shaping, is one of the models that many women are not used to using. Take a look at my list of those who are interested in this year’s most preferred medium length haircut models.

• An indispensable blunt haircut style

An indispensable blunt haircut style

Straight hair cutting models are especially nice in the blunt models, but it is beneficial that the hairless women prefer this model. Because this model is made without folding, it can cause blistering and electric problems in lush hair, but I do not mind if you use it every day.

• Asymmetric center haircut model

Asymmetric center haircut model

Moving haircut models or v hair cuts are all the way to the indispensable cuts. As in the model here, asymmetrical cutting hair is both more airy and provides a more modern look. This model, which you can use with flat fingers or in its natural state, is still popular since 2017.

• Center haircut style for wavy hair

Center haircut style for wavy hair

Wavy hair may not always be suitable for straight hair cutting. For this reason, generally cuts or v cut hair pattern is applied. If you have curly hair, do not try to appease them because the 2018 haircut models mean freedom for women. Especially curly models will be used as they are in this model with their natural state.

• Forelock and folded center cut hair model

Forelock and folded center cut hair model

Folded cut is a model of haircut applied to bloated hair, which usually requires movement on the hair or swells too much. If you combine it with fashionable hair in 2018, it is possible to get both natural and cool hair. It’s much easier to use a medium-length hair with a light paddle if you want it open.

• Side cut engraved medium cut hair style

Side cut engraved medium cut hair style

The haircut models show the outward appearance of the female soul this year. It is a model that we will encounter in many young friends this year, especially to shave a certain part of the hair which entered our life with the year of 2017. If you want to use it with straight hair cuts, use the model with these hair cut models. It will be both trendy and very stylish.

• Long forelock mid-section hairstyle

Long forelock mid-section hairstyle

Haircuts went into the market in the year 2018, and you want to try it, but either you can not afford it or you are afraid to do it. That’s the kind of haircut that will make you a different alternative. It is a model that will appeal to those who are uncomfortable with their foreheads, as well as for their daily use.

• Complate fold cutting style

Complate fold cutting style

V hair cutting models can be made with or without folds, but most women who like to use their hair open are always preferred because of the easier shape taking feature. If you want to use both your hair is too mobile and always open, but I do not have to prevent the blistering of this model is full.

• V cut long hairstyle

V cut long hairstyle

In order to move long hair, v cut hair model is usually applied. The problem of having your hair floating or flat is a problem because it can cause slight fluctuations in the hair that is already long enough, resulting in a different air gain. It is also very suitable for the use of a long v cut model paddle which you can use as a flat hair or a wave like it is in the model here.

• Forelock cut for slim faces

Forelock cut for slim faces

If the hair cutting styles are made in the form most appropriate for female facial features, the resulting image will result in both you and the viewer being satisfied with the excess. This haircut, which is particularly popular with women with long face lines and long hair, reveals the similarity of barbie haircuts. You have to try these models which will make a very nice change in your hair which is long but still standing thanks to its dynamic and modern image.

• Long haircut style with only upper front fold

Long haircut style with only upper front fold

Barbie hair cutting models do not like, but those who want to move in the hair of these prefers to use the short model is more comfortable with the castle is loved for the reason. This hairstyle, which creates a pleasant image when both the open hair model and the hair shape are gathered together, is generally used together with the v hair cut.

• Long hair cutting style with complate folds

Long hair cutting style with complate folds

Especially in this model, which is very popular among those who separate their hair from the center, a complex layer is being laid from above to below. The resulting asymmetric cut creates a natural image both in lifeless flat hair and in swollen wavy hair. It will surely go as a comfortable model that can not be used against long hair, but can be used by any woman looking for change.

• Deep front fold long hair cut style

Deep front fold long hair cut style

Every fold laid in the hair is thrown under certain conditions in normal conditions. If you want to be a frequent folded style, choose a folded style model. This is the case all the time, but the length of the hair that does not want to be folded is equal to the length of the movement. In this way, both the hair length is not damaged much, and if it is in the smallest, the movement is participating in the fronts. This type of fashion is often preferred by women who use their hair with flat fingers. It does not really help you to choose this model because it will not make much difference in rippled hair.

Haircut styles that cover the defects

You have an alternative to makeup to cover problems you do not like or inherent defects in your face, neck, ear and back areas. It is also to be aware of these defects in haircuts. With what haircut you can remove this dissatisfied situation, let’s look at it together.

• Hair cutting style that covers large face shape

Hair cutting style that covers large face shape

If you have a bigger face shape than your body measurements and you are uncomfortable with it, the first thing you have to do is cut your hair in the folded models. Moving to medium and long models will make your face appear longer than usual and you will be able to close the illness that you hear. For this reason, especially for long hair and v model should be oriented to cuts as much as possible to use your hair.

• Hair cutting styles to show the face large.

Hair cutting styles to show the face large.

If you have a smaller face than normal, moving to short and moving models will change this. Especially you should use wavy hair and cut your hair in short folded models. If you want to move first, try to put a long and frequent floors in front of you. Your face shape will come out completely and you will get out of the way with your short hair, which is small.

• Hair cutting styles that camouflage the forehead area

Hair cutting styles that camouflage the forehead area

Women with larger face than normal areas can not usually use their hair. They constantly have to move with open hair and look at the mass hair models with admiration. It is often a problem to keep hair open all the time. However, it is possible to remove this situation with a few scissors. If you are able to use the full season ticket of last months, choose this model. To use this model, regular fuels are required. If you are not able to use this model, cut a longer blade and tilt it to the right or left side according to your hairline separation, then close the excess opening.

With this simple move you will be able to take a cool stance on the front and close the forehead zone that bothers you.

• Hair cutting styles for angular jaw structure

Hair cutting styles for angular jaw structure

Learning your facial features is the most important step in getting the right cut. If you choose a model that will not fit your face, it will be an ugly image and you will have to defeat your beautiful hair. To survive such situations, first learn the type of face. If you have an angular jaw, the most suitable model for this case is the moving models that are cut in the jaw. The sharpness at the corner allows both to reveal and to look smoother.

• Haircut style for asymmetrical facial area

Haircut style for asymmetrical facial area

Differences can sometimes be seen, especially if the ear and eye shapes are sometimes small. Smaller or larger formations than the other, especially women are causing discomfort. If you are experiencing this kind of problem and you are now turning into a topic that will be very annoying, go straight to the asymmetric models. Right or left does not matter at all, if there is a problem on that side, preferring models that are longer on the other side and shorter on the other side will reduce the inconvenience of these problems.

• Hair cutting style for rare or excessively stiff hair

Haircut style for asymmetrical facial area

In these two opposite situations, women can become obsessed. One can complain about the condition of the hair that is too much while the hair is less and the other is too much. In such cases, you should not use especially long hair models for your sparse and slender hair you need to do. The long thin models, which are already thin enough, create a weaker image. Your hair should always come and go between short models, use wavy if possible, and close openings that occur in between. If it is lush with more hair, it does not hold the shape given and it is constantly bulging. In such a case you should never opt for short models and go for long models as long as possible. It should be long but not cut. Because blunt cuts are high models of blistering, choosing long and deep folded models eliminates both hairiness and blistering problems.

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