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Hair Extension Oils

If you want to extend your hair and you are looking for natural solutions that will make it faster, think of natural oils as an option. If you are looking for natural masks for hair care on the internet, you are surely witnessing the use of natural oils in most of the masks. Among many hair care products and shampoo materials, you can also find vegetable oils. These oils can be found easily at the herbalists and their prices are very reasonable compared to cosmetic products.

Vegetable oils contribute to the health of your hair and hair scalp. These oils’ positive effects on hair follicles allow your hair to extend faster. Which oils are best for your hair and how should you use it? Let us start up.

Vegetable oils that extend hair quickly

1. Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

In addition to providing a very strong tonic for the skin, it also has very nutritious properties for your hair with its gold consistency. This useful oil helps detoxify your hair and scalp and helps regulate hormones.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

It is one of the essential oils you need to keep in your home. Lavender oil which is an oil that extends your hair quickly and also gives you a nice smell. Lavender oil stands out with its stress relieving feature massaging your hair scalp by Lavender oil will soften your nerves and make you relax.

3. Cedar Oil

Cedar Oil

Some dandruff shampoos, which are usually used in the treatment of dandruff, contain cedar oil that you can use to protect your overall hair health. It has been proven that this oil prevents hair loss on regular use and contributes to the faster hair growth of new hair and the extension of the existing hair. If you are having hair loss problem, we recommend you to rub your hair with this oil.

4. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

Just like lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil is also useful to soothe stress. This vegetable oil thickens the hair strands in long use and at the same time balances oil production in your hair.

5. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is a very effective calming and relaxing oil. Helps to extend the length and health of your hair with useful features such as removing all kinds of infections from your hair scalp and detoxifying.

6. Sage


The sage has hormone-regulating and relaxing effects. It is also useful to extend the hair, to reduce hair loss, to prevent hair loss and to prevent the formation of excess oil in hair. Helps your hair grow faster by accelerating the formation of skin and hair cells.

7. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is useful for fat burn, emerges in natural treatments such as melting the core. But in foreign sites we use as a source, rosemary is being used almost exclusively for the whole body, especially for skin and hair care. Rosemary oil, which will help to extend your hair, will also give you a natural shine.

Hair extension recipes prepared with vegetable oils

1. Apple syrup vinegar and Vegetable Oils

Apple syrup vinegar and Vegetable Oils

We had previously included a Beauty Mask prepared with Apple vinegar and a tonic prepared with apple vinegar. You can increase the effectiveness of the apple vinegar, which is already a very good tonic, using natural oils.


• 3 drops lavender oil (If you have rosemary oil or laurel oil in your home, you can use it instead of lavender oil.)
• 1 tablespoon apple syrup vinegar.

Preparation and application

1. Mix lavender oil and apple syrup vinegar
2. After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair and hair scalp with this mixture before rinsing.
3. Deeply cleanse the remains on your hair and make sure that your hair is getting airy and the obstructions are removed.

2. Hair Lengthening Massage Oil Mix

Hair Lengthening Massage Oil Mix

You will need the following for this recipe:

• 5 drops of jojoba or olive oil
• 8 drops of rosemary oil

Mix the rosemary oil with argain or jojoba oil. Then massage the hair with this mixture using your fingertips. You will feel relief in your hair and this process will contribute to the extension of your hair.

3. Hair Extender Oil Prepared with Coconut Oil

Hair Extender Oil Prepared with Coconut Oil

With this massage oil, which is a very similar recipe to the description above, you can massage your hair scalp daily to provide a quick extension of your hair.


• 1 cup of coconut oil
• 20 drops of rosemary oil

Preparation and application

1. Mix the ingredients and put them in a bottle and shake the bottle thoroughly after closing it.
2. Massage your hair deeply with this mixture daily.
3. Watch your hair grow faster and stronger.

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