Monday, October 29, 2018
Hair Styles

Hair Knitting Styles

Hair styling is now being resolved with more natural shapes than in previous years. Who would not want to get more groomed and stylish hair without strangling their hair with so many handfuls of hair stylists, without using ever-shaping hair tools. The braid models we prepared for those who think about how to make a model in two minutes, especially in the case of hair styling, are ready for those who want to have the most trendy hair of 2018.

Hair braiding styles for special occasions

Now, on many special occasions, hair is being used more naturally. Tightly combing the hair, using excessive amounts of styling wet-looking hair has already mixed tarihe. Women now prefer hair that is easier and more beautiful. That’s why we offer a few hair braids that can provide you with this.

• Wave braid hairstyle

Wave braid hairstyle

This sculptural hair braid, which is a knitted pattern of your hair that is rare or fuller, is both simple and simple to make. After the waves you will make your hair in large curls, combine the two braids that you will bear from both the right side and the left side of the head. And here you are ready.

• Side fishbone back weave style

Side fishbone back weave style

The ponytail has always been a very noble hairstyle. When you combine this hairstyle, which looks great on all kinds of clothes, with a herringbone braid, you will get a magnificent image. Here you need to make a side of the hair to make a fishcloth in the form of a hair whip collect. But neither hair nor knitting should be very tight. You can also get a cooler look by making a tong at the ends of your hair.

• Rose shape hair style

Rose shape hair style

This hair braid, which can be worn by women with long hair, especially when they prefer backdressed clothes, is both a very elegant model and simple to make. All you need to do is learn how to make a hair braid and have a rubber buckle with a few wire buckles. If your hair is very thick or thick, this model may be rough for you, so it is better to try this model of thin-wire and sparse hair.

• Braided simple knit hair style

Braided simple knit hair style

Being fashionable does not mean preparing with a lot of everything. If you want to look stylish and simple, then this braid pattern is not complete. First of all, make your hair your normal knitting with two dots and knit it backwards. After you have made a simple knob on the neck using the easy bun sponge, you are ready. Whether you are having an evening meal or participating in a business meeting with this hairstyle that is both stylish and very stylish.

• Knit style from side of the hair

Knit style from side of the hair

Start with a thick herringbone braid from one side of the hair again. However, for this hairstyle the hair is long and not cut to the floor will provide a better image. For that reason, if your hair is short or folded, you have a very high chance of strain in this model. Attach the other end to the hair braid with the help of the buckle, starting from the side and pointing to the vagina, then attaching the hair braid made up to the end. Here you can use hair accessories to close the binding sites and get a stylish look.

Hair braiding styles for short hair

Many short-haired women are uncomfortable not being able to comfortably shape their hair as much as long-haired women. But how about examining both easy and stylish hair braid models that can be applied without worrying about hair length?

One-way braided hairstyle

One-way braided hairstyle

You can use this simple model, which is located in the first row among the hair braid models that women with short hair prefer, with hair with straight hair or light wave. Try this hair braid that will make a small change and give a different look to your face.

• Waterfall braid

Waterfall braid

This model, which does not use folded cut hair model but can be done by a woman who has a short hair style, can be done very well by women who especially make hair look ugly. This hair braid, which can also create a more compact and stunning image, can be decorated with different hair accessories.

• Fishbone braid style

Fishbone braid style

I can not make a bun like I want to do with this hair braid running in the name of a model that can take a while, but the end result is that you will understand that you have given the lease. The hair, which is woven with the individual herringbone pattern, is connected to a ball using the embossing method. This hair braid pattern can be preferred especially when you prefer backbreaking and long dresses.

• Messy braid hair style

Messy braid hair style

Keep the fishermen starting from the top loosely up to the inca. Hide the knotted ends into the knit with the help of the buckle. If your hair is too short, you can throw wire tongs that match the hair coloring between the weaves, then use a spray to fix the hair.

• Mini bun bouquet hair style

Mini bun bouquet hair style

In this hair model, which is a very easy knitting technique, you must first attach the front part of the hair to the back with a mini rubber and return the collected hair from the context. This is the way to reach the rounded image of the hair, right and left side of the thick hair brace to the inceye. Fix the hair that is joined to Enseda and your elegant sleigh is ready.

Braided style with Accessories

We can get a rich look thanks to the accessories, from very simple clothes to accessories such as bags, shoes and even my hair. The only thing we need to do for this is to buy hair accessories that are sold at very reasonable prices and to investigate how to make a hair braid. Come on, let’s examine the hair models that come with the 2018 accessory.

• Swinging ball braid model

Swinging ball braid model

Since accessories are among the indispensable parts of every woman, you can use a lot of hair accessories especially in summer. This accessory knitting model that you can use for hair weaving varieties is a model to be among the hits of the summer. You can do this by smoothing out this model especially if you have straight hair, if your hair is curly.

• Hair brace crown model

Hair brace crown model

Especially in this model, which should be preferred by the women who separate the hair from the center, you can make two weaves from the right and left upper part of the hair and collect it with a small clasp at the back. Then go slowly by simply loosening a wing. Turn off these areas with hair accessories that match your clothes or hair color. You can also use your hair ends by waving them straight or by tongs.

• Ribbed braided style

Ribbed braided style

Haircloths are preferred due to ease of construction, but most of the time, loving nature lovers can also turn into a sanctuary that they do for hours or even hours. You can create a brilliant hairstyle by completing your hair with the help of a ribbon in this model, especially for young girls who want to get a stylish image with no time.

• Bride head braid style

 Bride head braid style

Because the braid models are easy to use, they are not used in everyday life. Many women who fall in love with plain and natural images are focusing on braid hair models this year as bridal heads. Both very simple and very stylish, these models are usually scattered on the front panel of the demonstration of hair accessories, but results are good.

• Hair ring braided hair style

Hair ring braided hair style

In 2018, the hair braid models meet with hair braids, which are usually seen by young girls in their 20s. Especially for this hair weave model you need to choose with sport clothes, you only need to make a knit down from the right or left side of the hair and place the clusters in a scattered way.

• Rosewood braid style

Rosewood braid style

If the braid models are explained by way of pictorial narration, it is easier to make that model. In the model you see here, the hair is thoroughly brushed and rubbed, followed by a very loose aqueduct braid and the tail part hidden inside. Do you wear a crown with the size and color you want on a loosely loosely knitted fabric, and you get a wonderful graduation hair.

Children’s braid style

Even during the day, even the hair of the women who made the bezze can break down and you can imagine the hair of those naughty children. We also have the best of 2018 hair braid models that can be made both for your eyes and for your eyes, as well as creating a well-groomed look and for children to wear hair that is not scattered.

• The ponytail’s simple braid style

 The ponytail's simple braid style

In this model, which is among the simplest kinds of hair weaving that can be done for girls with long hair, you should make your pussy so that the hair is not too tight. Be especially careful not to be too loose or too tight. If you make a very tight tail, your hair will burn too much, and even your hair roots will be damaged and cause jabs. You can finish it with a tight knit up to the tip of your hair that you have gathered, or even decorate it with colored buckles or curlers at the end.

• Twill braid style

Twill braid style

If you apply this weave pattern to your hairy, thick-wired children, it will be very stylish, and you can prevent it from being electrified more. Some of the hair you make your ponytail to close the rubber buckle, because of the hair shaft. For the rest, complete the hair braid models by inserting mini tires at the end of the burglaries as shown in the picture description.

• Knitting braid with knob

Knitting braid with knob

Every girl loves the different shapes of her hair from the moment the child begins to recognize herself. She even visits her hairdresser with her mother and says, ” I do my hair. ” These braided hair models are compiled from models you can choose for a special day or for casual use in everyday life.

• Double fishbone braid hair style

Double fishbone braid hair style

Especially for girls between 3-6 years of age, these simple hair weaving models stand brilliantly and you will be able to get rid of your hair many times during the day. If you want to cut the hair in half and do it after simple knitting or if you want to suit your clothes, you can decorate your child’s hair with the handles in their favorite colors.

• Simple twist braid hair style

Simple twist braid hair style

Although the annekler wants to apply the models they want to their children, sometimes this is not possible. There are many children who are especially disturbed by the gathering of their hair and are constantly trying to disrupt it. If this is the case, you can try this model which will not disturb them and will make you happy. This hair braid construction will be so short that it will not squeeze your child, who is both simple and very mobile.

Daily hair braid style

It may sometimes be burdensome to devote time to your hair design while running away from one place to another. In such situations, it will not bite you and it will provide you with a simple way to save time.

• Miniature braid hair style

Miniature braid hair style

There is no need for extra effort for this model. If your hair is too long, start over with a main weave. Once you have covered the hair to the side, you can finish it with thinner braids from right to left.

• Five-minute knitting ball style

 Five-minute knitting ball style

You are about to be late for a wake-up business meeting. There is no time for the ceremony to go, but you can not attend the meeting with your standing up.
Here’s your life-saving hair braid, all you need is a bun sponge, a wire buckle and only five minutes. Immediately make a thick hair braid from any side of your hair and add a knob to the ensemble. Support the hair with the help of a wire clasp and be the dazzling woman of the meeting.

• African braid hairstyle

African braid hairstyle

The African braid, which broke out in the last months of 2017, maintains its place among the hair trains of the year 2018. You can do this yourself, which can be a savior for many women, especially those who can not afford the time for personal hair care, but you will have to spend a lot of time. The braid models are easy to say, but some may want some mastery. For that reason, you will get rid of the question “What should I do with my hair today?” Until the time you get tired of this hair weave model you can make with your hairdresser.

• Unforgettable fishbone braid style

Unforgettable fishbone braid style

There is a hair current which is quite common among women in the last period. Of course this current which can not even be courageous is of course short hair. Especially when it comes to fashion, we have found a solution to the questions of many women who think that ” I am also a nursery? ” For this weave model, which offers a great option for those who do not like their hair, first of all, you can make as thin as you want. From the incense to the tip of your hair, stretch the simple woven fabric up to the tip of your forehead in a clap. With a touch of two magic brushes you get a marginal hairstyle.

  • Braided half-knot hair style

Braided half-knot hair style

For wiggly and moving hair lovers, for this hair braid model, first make a nice tongs of your hair tips and emboss them if possible. Start from the middle of the forehead and place a fishbone and add a bun at the end of your choice at the end of your choice, and here is a hairstyle for you to have a fabulous meal.

  •  Heart braid style

Heart braid style

After you make two thin hair braids that you need to make in this knitting model, who likes to change and likes to try different models in your hair, you will leave your creativity. Whether you want to get a heart shape and fasten with a wire buckle, decorate it with hair accessories.

• Home made style African braid

Home made style African braid

If you love African braids and you do not get enough time and money to do it, this simple knitting model will do a lot of work. You can use it by making non-common fishbone like individual African braid or by making a ponytail if you like it openly. At the same time when you open this model your hair will be naturally made to toast so you have a chance to use it as well.

• French braid style

French braid style

This stylish weave, which starts from the one hand and crawls up to the other end in a crown shape, looks very nice both in straight hair and wavy hair. You can also use it by leaving the hair open as you can use it by collecting gold from the model which you can easily make use of the picture sample.

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