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Having a Flat Stomach

Having a Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach

It is everyone’s dream to have a flat stomach. This situation is related to our lifestyle. Many factors such as eating habits, resting hours, and sports habits are effective on this issue. First of all, I would like to talk briefly about the most important issue, the fact of metabolism.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is simply the amount of energy we burn or the chemical interactions that occur within cells. Metabolism is divided into anabolism and catabolism. The anabolism comes to the meaning of construction, the renewal of our cells, development, the process of formation is described. Catabolism comes to the point of destruction. That is the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins used to meet the energy our cells need. Muscle development is also a catabolic activity. We regenerate the muscles we are forced to play with sports and anabolic activities.

Also, the structures in our body have calories that they need to self-assimilate. The muscles in our body are energized to be able to handle them. The energy of these pods is serious. We can explain the event like this. Let’s consider two individuals with the same weight and with different muscular ratios. The individual who has muscle is much more than the individual who has the daily calorie requirement and the amount of calories burned is higher. This means that when we are doing sports, “improving our muscles” is also accelerating our future fat burning. The more muscle we develop, the more fat we burn.

As proteins that accelerate metabolism, we can show proteins. When we consume them regularly, our metabolism will not necessarily accelerate. Because proteins absorb 20% of our body to digest when they enter the body. So 20% of the proteins we take are consumed to digest themselves. In addition, proteins are also used to burn body fats. Drinking water is very important. Often the water given to the body gradually makes it possible for our organs to shower regularly. Thus, digestion occurs more easily. In addition, green vegetables, vegetables, and fiber foods are still relaxing foods for the digestive system.

What is Basal Metabolism?

The basal metabolic rate is an influence we use when calories are calculated daily. It is the amount of energy that the individual needs for the continuity of his life during the 12-hour rest period. This rate varies from person to person. However, in our calculations, 60-70% of the daily calorie intake should be calculated for basal metabolism. Men have a higher rate of basal metabolism than women. As age progresses, the speed decreases and increases during adolescence and pregnancy. Environmental factors, such as air pollution, daily activity, are important factors in the rate of basal metabolism. Drugs, hormones, caffeinated beverages affect this rate.

We can use the Harris-Benedict formula for basal metabolic rate:

• In males: 66+ (13.7xkg in weight) + (5xcm in height) – (6.8xf)
• In women: 655+ (9.6xkg in weight) + (1.7xcm in height) – (4.7x)

“This account shows us the minimum energy required for the continuity of our systems, such as the functioning of our organs, digestion, circulation, the continuity of our lives.”

Thin Waist

Thin Waist

It is not true that you should do heavy stomach exercises to have a thin belly. Our bodies are far from all of our bodies and the region of the belly fat is the last area burned. Loading my abdominal region as a sport can provide a more subtle appearance because it will tighten up the muscles in this region. (You can click on the link for the exercises that will help the ladies tighten their breasts.) The thinning creams sold on the market, the attenuation belts are actually a deception. These types of products allow us to drain the water under the skin in this area, but they do not have the characteristics of dissolving the fats. Fats are only burned and used when there is a need from inside.

The way to thin our belly is through a right nutrition, aerobic-style movements, and movements that will drive all body muscles and accelerate metabolism. The exercises to be done on the waist and leg area will ensure the volume of our muscles in this area. In this case, because muscles have the capacity to burn fat, they will help to reduce our fat levels.

To Burn Fat

For fat burning, your pulse should be in the fat burning range. The time required to reach this range can be over a period of 10 minutes, varying from person to person. The time for warming and stretching must not be included. After 10 minutes of aerobic work, the body is no longer using glycogen provided from carbohydrates, but a kind of glycogen starts to use our fats by making reservoirs for heavier studies. After starting to work on average, fat burning and carbohydrate burning are at the same level 5 minutes later, while the use of carbohydrates decreases and fat burning starts to increase. After 10 minutes, the body is now storing glycogen as a reserve and starting to use our fats. The main reason for this is that the brain needs its energy needs from carbohydrates. We can say that a 10-minute interval or cardio work that we add to the end of our weight work will significantly increase our fat burning.

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