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Holiday Dream Not to be a Nightmare

Holiday Dream Not to be a Nightmare

The joy of your holiday, which you have come up with a great enthusiasm, can suddenly escape.

You are about to go to a holiday that you have been eagerly waiting for a whole year. When preparing your suitcase, after a long brainstorm, you fit a small world into your suitcase; dressers, shorts, slippers, bikinis … You are finally in a big suitcase with which you have difficulty closing the zipper and you are ready to take your dreams into your dreams. Well, are you ready for first hand? Yes, we do not need that much equipment, but you should be prepared for unwanted surprises too. Your food and sleeping arrangements can be negatively affected from the trip. Also, when the sun comes up with a bronze skin, it can grasp you. Mosquitoes, hair turned into maize tassels at sea, other wet factors are other factors that will disrupt your enjoyment at the resort … But some precautions you take before the holiday, or drugs you throw at your luggage, may protect you from unwanted surprises.

1) Insect bite

Get! Vitamin C tablets
While we are resting on the beach, we are not the only ones living. Especially the mosquitoes, they can sneak bite and run us crazy. Sometimes we get close to weird insects. The pests do not stop to create stinking itch, they leave red stains on our skin. If you do not want to poison your holiday with these little monsters, take vitamin C tablets two weeks before the holiday. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine (anti-allergic) effect, soothes your skin.

2) Nausea

Eat! Gingernut
You set out for the holidays, but you already feel sick. Your mind is the latest thing to eat something, but we have a good recommendation for you; eat gingerbread biscuits. Ginger, which is said to have anti-nausea effects, also uses NASA astronauts. Throw a mouthful of biscuits before going on a journey, then a few more hours later … You’ll be surprised how much you feel better!

3) Stomach spasm

Inner! Daisy tea
You did not have anything last night. But suddenly your body begins to contract. Instead of searching for pain medication, order daisy tea immediately. Chamomile tea helps to reduce muscle spasms. It is advisable to drink for a few weeks before you go on a holiday.

4) Sunburn

Drive! Aloe vera gel
It’s the last thing we want to see on holiday when we are dreaming of a bronze fern, to look like a lobster and to wriggle in hunger. But let’s say your head is in an accident and you’ve been burned too much. As an alternative to sun creams, try an aloe vera gel. You’ll see you soothe your skin right away.

5) Dermatophyte

Use! Buffer and yogurt
Keeping the bottom of your bikini moist can lead to the vaginal mantle. You can understand it from mushroom, itchy painful and bad smelling flow. Let’s plan emergency action! Our recommendation is that you will feel relieved immediately, even if it sounds repulsive at first. Take a buffer; soak it in a natural and unsweetened yoghurt. Friendly bacteria in the kneading helps fight the harmful bacteria on the vaginal wall. If the mushroom is causing serious discomfort, wear cotton panties instead of wearing synthetic boots for a while. Also be careful when sunbathing, bikini gold is dry.

6) Sunbathing

Mix! Lime and honey
It is nice to kill time under lazy lazy sunshine but it is worth not to exaggerate. Because staying in the sun for a long time does not just cause burns, it can also cause sunburn. If you have a hard headache, if you are sick, if your fever is rising, take this statement seriously. If you are affected by sunburn, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a glass of water and mix with two teaspoons of honey. Sunstroke causes electrolyte and fluid loss in the body. While lemons make the body pull water and electrolytes quickly, honey is the best way to get your body’s sugar as a good source of fructose.

7) Worn hair

Drive! Coconut oil
Your hair is faced with the negative effects of sun, sea and pool on holiday. In a few weeks’ vacation, your hair may wear out too much. According to experts, hair that wears like this is only recovering in six months. If you do not want to keep your hair under a hat during the holidays, you can try the coconut oil. Rinse your hair with this oil and wash it. Coconut oil prevents protein loss and gives your hair a healthier and brighter appearance.


Dock! Talcum powder
On vacation, you do not want your bikini line to look bad. But wet bikini bottoms and tight shorts can irritate this area and cause it to look bad. Especially when the weather is hot and humid, itching and fry may occur with rubbing. Use a little talcum powder to prevent overheating and irritation. Talk powder helps you fight badly.

9) Diarrhea

Eat! Organic yogurt
Everyone knows how important it is to get plenty of fluid when you have diarrhea. But we have another gun against diarrhea: organic yogurt. Yogurt can recover the body more quickly against diarrhea. Diarrhea causes not only the bad bacteria in our bodies but also the good bacteria to lose. Organic yogurt is helping you to get well and letting you feel alive again.

10) Evening last

Horse! Lemon
It is the right time to spend the night on holiday! .. With the convenience of vacation psychology, it is not likely to go to work in the morning, so you are likely to miss too much. But when you get up in the morning, your head can hurt like you hit the wall from the wall. If you are staying in the evening, take a slice of lemon into hot water along with your first work breakfast in the morning. Because lemon juice prevents the loss of fluid in your body and alleviates headaches caused by staying overnight.

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