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How Can I Lose Weight

Especially when summer comes, one of the questions asked me is "How can I get slim?" Slimming is not a situation I actually recommend. Our goal should be to burning our fat, rather than lose weight.

How Can I Lose Weight

Especially when summer comes, one of the questions asked me is “How can I get slim?” Slimming is not a situation I actually recommend. Our goal should be to burning our fat, rather than lose weight.

Women and Slimming

The best way to lose weight in women and lose weight is to do cardio exercises and weight exercise and fitness. Although the suggestions suggest that simple activities and fats can be burned, it is cardio and weight exercises which will bring out the female physiology in the best way. You can click on the details on this subject for how the woman should do the fitness.

The first condition of getting slim is nutrition as everyone knows. A 60% of the bodybuilding is engaged in nutrition and rest, while 40% is related to sports activities. I say, diet to burn fat I do not mean to stay hungry. We need to eat healthily and consume what we need.

Trying to loss

Weight or getting slim is a mistake made by many people with weight problems. It is more healthy to reduce the fat ratio. Our aim is to burn our fat and build muscles in their places instead. In this way, we can achieve a healthy fit body in a much healthier way.

Physiology of Fat Burning

Muscles occupy much less space in the body than fat. For this reason, the body of people doing regular sports shrinks, as the body weight does not change much. Many individuals who encounter this situation think that sport does not benefit. In contrast to the main thing is to start to burn fat much healthier. This is also our basic goal.Physiology of Fat Burning

Muscles pull constant energy from the body. For this reason, the foods we consume are used to structure our muscles. So the more muscle fibers can be expanded, the faster we burn fat. Therefore, the most beautiful, easy and healthy way of getting slim is a sports-supported nutrition program.

Exercises called cardio exercises are exercises where the pulse is raised above certain points and the fat burning is maximally reached. They should be planned very carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the interval at which the pulse should be kept, especially in individuals over forty years old and in people with disturbances such as blood pressure. These exercises should be planned on weight work as much as possible. If it is too heavy to apply in this way, the weight workday can be applied on unworked days or by distributing weight work and cardioid to different hours of the day. However, it is not possible to obtain much yield from the weight work which is done on the cardio work. Because the carbohydrate that we have completed in sport 1-1.5 hours before the carbohydrate is consumed after a good 45 minutes-1 hour exercise. If we use this energy when doing cardio, energy is lost due to carbohydrate depositsour stocks will be consumed and we will stay away from working effectively. At this time, our body will turn the energy by cutting off the fat and try to meet our energy need in this way. Getting energy from carbohydrates is much easier than getting energy from fat for the body. For this reason, it is not very convenient to spend energy during cardio and difficulty in weight work. In other words, carbohydrate stores for weight exercises, cardio and fat burning exercises that we will do afterward, it would be more appropriate to focus on fat deposits.

How should I be fed to lose weight?

How should I be fed to lose weight

It is a balanced nutrition that we need to do to get slim and burn fat. Cardio exercises supported by sports and cardio exercises will have very serious consequences for fat burning. Stopping certain foods is not a very convenient behavior. For example, reducing our carbohydrate meals or cutting off the fat completely causes undernutrition. In this article, I do not want to make such a complicated explanation as protein, take carbohydrates like this. If we think about eating with a rough expression, if we think about eating on a flat plate, especially if it is ¼ of meat type, ¼ of rice or pasta type, ¼ of green salad type and ¼ of yogurt type nutrition. Vegetarians can consume legumes instead of meat. Evening meals should be tried to be consumed as much as possible in order to spend more plainly. Snacks and fruits should be eaten as snacks.

My advice is to give up the question “How can I get slim” the question to ask should be “How to be healthier”. If you exercise regularly to be healthy and support it with a balanced diet, you will achieve excellent results. You can ask your detailed questions from the comments section below or from our contact page. I wish you all healthy days.

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