Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Apply Eye Pencil

How to Apply Eye Pencil

The eye pencil is one of the most popular cosmetic makeup products. With eye pencil, you can add meaningful beauty to your face in a short time. We wanted to tell you how to apply Eye Pencil. Because there is a point in touching some of the tricky spots to drive the eye pencil.

With eye pencil, you can decorate your soul’s windows in just a few minutes in front of the mirror with a soft line or a nice acceleration.

Apply Eye Pencil

Eye pencil Selection

Firstly there are a few factors to consider when choosing an eye pencil. To choose an eye pencil, you must first decide whether you should choose pencil or liquid form. Once you have made this selection, you can choose an eye pencil color according to the color of clothes you will wear. For example, if you have blonde hair, you can choose a brown eye pencil for daily wear. If you have a black or dark hair color, your choice may be black.

If you want to apply soft, thin line to your eyes, the liquid tube will be better for you to use an eye pencil. Liquid eye pencils are the most useful to give you thin lines and directions to your eyes.

If you do not want the lines to be noticeable to be stained or blurred, you can use a pencil. The eye pencil is larger or the ideal type for contouring.

One of the things to look out for when choosing Eye Pencil (Eyeliner) is brand choice. You’d better not to get any eyeliner. The eyeliner must be of the kind that will not burn your wallet. However, if you turn to some brands, it will be healthier and more hygienic.

Choose Eye Makeup Style

The easiest way to find out which eye makeup style you are going to be hesitant about is to mix a little magazine. You can keep an eye on the kinds of eye makeup you like in the magazines, and some makeup styles made by some models and mannequins.

Eye Makeup Order

When you do makeup, you have to pay attention to the order. This is why make-up sequencing is important. For example, before using eyeliner, blusher, and eye shade is beneficial to make.

Make sure you keep pencil shavings in your makeup bag when you use eye pencil. When you want to sharpen the tip and stay thick, you will benefit from the pencil sharpener. If you want your eye makeup to stay in your whole eye, use shadow first.

Eye Pencil Applying Way

There are a few applying techniques for eyeliner. First, tilt your head and lift it out of your eye with the help of your finger. If you hold it up from your eyebrow line and lift it up, you will get more stretching. Also, it would be more helpful if you set a desk or a workbench to keep your hand steady.

Eye Pencil applying

Make a dotted line on your eyelashes when eye care is on. These points will be better if they are spaced at small intervals. Make sure the points are close to the base of your eyelid when possible. The closer the points are to the eyelashes, the more efficient the illusion of the eyelashes.

Then connect these dots with the eye pencil. Try to use short lines when doing these connections. If possible, you will achieve more professional results if you do from the outer corner to the inner corner.

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