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How to Choose a Makeup Brush

The make-up brush is one of the major tools that is used during make-up. Make-up brushes, which are of great importance among make-up materials, are a must among every make-up bag.

The make-up brush is one of the major tools that is used during make-up. Make-up brushes, which are of great importance among make-up materials, are a must among every make-up bag. The makeup brush is used to give your skin a natural look during makeup application. For this reason, there are important points to note when choosing make-up brushes. The make-up brush must be separate for each operation according to the distribution and application processes that must be done on the skin during make-up. shortly, you need a makeup brush set to do make up.

We will provide you with such an important piece for make-up by taking the right step by gathering under the topic of how to choose the make-up brush.

How to choose a makeup brush

As mentioned above, we recommend that you take the make-up brushes in a set, since each of the make-up brushes is selected for a separate task. That is, a separate brush for the foundation and a separate brush for the powder should be used.

At the same time a brush must have a different feather structure than the other. for example, the foundation brush should be flat and pointed towards the tip so that the brush is smooth and soft. Now let me tell you what the makeup brush is and what its functions are.

Makeup Brushes

I want to talk about 7 make-up brushes separately for you. For this reason, I think it is appropriate to write them all under separate headings so that you can make the right choice about make-up brushes.

Foundation Brush: The foundation brush is a makeup brush that allows the foundation to spread evenly on the skin. The foundation brush is a brush made of fine hair toward the flat and end parts. It is usually confused with a powder brush.
Foundation Brush

Powder Brush: The powder brush is larger and softer for better dispersion of the powder. Especially when choosing a powder brush you should choose from brushes that will not irritate your skin. Do not forget that the powder brush is large and soft.
Powder Brush

Blusher Brush: Blusher brush and foundation brush are very similar to each other. But there is a difference if there is a small tie separating each other. One side of the blusher brush has a slope when the foundation brush has lines of inspection towards the ends. You should choose a soft-tipped brush while getting brusher brushes.
Blusher Brush

Concealer Brush: Concealer brush should be small. Concealer brushes are used to cover stains and marks on the skin. If you want to cover very delicate and thin spots, it would be better to choose the brushes from small and thin ones.
Concealer Brush

Eyeliner Brush: A brush applied to the eyelid that should be soft. The eyeliner brush, which is a makeup brush used for, eyes, is especially used with gel eyeliner applications.
Eyeliner Brush

Lipstick Brush: Lipstick brush is harder than other makeup brushes. Even not too extreme,it should be hard enough to allow the lipstick to be fixed. Especially when lipstick is applied to cracked lips, lipstick brush works much better. Because lipstick is a makeup material that you need to distribute to every point while applying and cut it at the point you want.

Lipstick Brush

Above we mentioned the features of makeup brush that you can apply to all areas while you are wearing makeup. Although it seems unnecessary by the ladies, these make-up brush is needed to make professional make-up.

Things to Watch Out for Brushes

Naturalness in Makeup Brushes

Many professional make-up artists prefer the natural haired ones for makeup brushes. The reason for this is that makeup brushes made from natural hair are both softer and more intense.

Natural make-up brushes have the ability to hold pigments, such as cuticles found in the same people hair. The best make-up brush is known as the squirrel-claw, but the ponytail, goat and sable are preferred.

Domed and Straight Makeup Brushes

It is also helpful to choose a dome and a straight makeup brush when buying a makeup brush. The dome-shaped brush slides comfortably on your skin and gives it a soft feel. It also keeps the pigments very well. For this reason you will finish the make-up very smoothly and perfectly.

Makeup Brush Sets

Many women prefer to have a variety of make-up brushes in make-up brush sets. However, there is no way that the makeup brush sets are actually very diverse. The important thing is to pick the brushes that sit on your hand and your skin.

Cheap Makeup Brush? Expensive Makeup Brush?

Do not take every make-up brush you find in many cosmetic malls. In some cosmetic departments, a bucket full of make-up brushes makes a campaign like one of them. However, my recommendation is not to take every makeup brush from the front. I want you to save a little more money and buy a good brand to make your cheap makeup brush harm your skin.

High Quality and Branded Makeup Brushes

We wanted you to choose the quality makeup brush as we told you above. Place 50 makeup brushes of low quality for this reason you will get a better job of using 3-4 good quality makeup brushes.

For this reason, you need to choose quality and branded make-up materials in order to make perfect images and applications at the same time.

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