Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Choose Lipstick

How to Choose Lipstick

Picking lipstick is really a hard work. The reason for this depending on the varies color of your clothes, skin tone, and hair. So how do you choose lipstick in this article? I wanted to tell you.

At the same time, you will learn how to test lipstick with what you need to do when choosing a lipstick in this article.

How to Choose a Lipstick?

If you want a natural look, choose the color of lipstick that will be at most 2 tons thicker than your natural lip color. Of course, this lipstick is for normal times.

How to Choose a Lipstick 2

• When choosing a lipstick, the first thing you need to do is to specify the tone of your skin. You will get lipstick according to your skin tone, you will sit exactly on your skin and you will have made the right lipstick selection.

• Pink color lipstick is a lipstick that will go on every skin. If you want to make a casual lipstick selection, it will be the right choice to use the color choice from the pink side. Which tone should I choose?

How to Choose a Lipstick (1)

If you are going to choose a natural daily lipstick, choose a color according to the color of your skin. It can be pink or light pink.

How to Choose a Lipstick (2)

Brick pink or cranberry shades can be chosen for a wheat color skin.

How to Choose a Lipstick (3)

If you have a darker tan, choosing a burgundy or brown color will be the right choice of lipstick.

Before Buying Lipstick

One of the most important issues to be aware of before taking lipstick is to try the lipstick color. We recommend you to try the lipstick definitely while you are walking around in the cosmetic department. If you do not have a chance to try it, you should at least have a look at it. The reason for this is that the colors on the cover are not always the same color as the lipstick that comes out of it. For this reason, you should definitely open the lipstick and see the color definitely.

How to Choose a Lipstick 1

Before you buy lipstick, try to open it and try it. Sometimes the colors on the lid may not be complete.

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