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How to Choose Perfume ?

The choice of perfume for a woman or a man is an extremely important issue. Before purchasing perfume, it is necessary to know how to choose âqperfume and how to choose perfume. Otherwise a perfume that you will get incompatible with your skin may even provide a bad smell.

How to choose perfume?

Choosing the right perfume is the beauty of a woman’s beauty, a factor that adds charisma to a man’s charisma. For this reason, perfume selection is extremely important.

Things to Consider When Selecting Perfume

The most sensible perfume choice is made by smelling the perfume at your perfume shop for perfume selection. You can squeeze a few perfumes into your wrist and buy out the smell you like. But there is something very important to note here.

The sense of smell loses the sense of odor 4. after smelling 3 sharp perfumes smell. For this reason, the perfume smells of the 5th and 6th perfume you are going to try in your arm can smell bad to you.

Do not forget that someone who is constantly in the smell of that smell gives you that sensibility and after a certain time you start not to get that smell. For this reason, you should definitely change your store after the 3rd scent or 10-15 minutes and look again at the store smells.

How to choose perfume?

Other things to consider when choosing perfumes include skin color, age, occupation, and style of clothing. For this reason a friend of yours smells so good that if you go and get the same perfume you will have made a mistake.

  • The time interval is important for the selection of the grain. There is no perfume selection between 09:00 – 11:00 in the morning. If this is the beginning of the day, the sense of smell will not work very efficiently.
  • You should not eat before you pick a piece. After you have eaten a meal, you will not be able to reach the right result with the perfume you will choose.
  • Select by spraying in the inside of your gravy. Many molecules and other odors adhere to other parts of the web during the day. For this reason, the wrist is the best place for the right choice.
  • Do not like your friend’s perfume and buy the same. Because the selection of perfume, food habit, age, smoking and alcohol habits, such as a lot of things affect. A person consuming meat and a person consuming vegetables do not have the same perspiration rate.
What Should be Considered When Women Choose Perfumes

The perfume selection of the women is different according to men’s perfume selection. These are the clothes, shoes, dishes, etc. they use. issues vary.

How to choose perfume

For example, women wear heels with high heels, so muscles work differently than men in the day. For this reason, the skin releases a different odor.

  • Ladies in dress shoes and classical clothes should prefer spice, patchouli, sandal and oriental notes.
  • Women wearing shoes and straight shoes should prefer fresh smells. The ocean and fresh smells will do you better. Also, it is more effective to tighten these stains on the inside of your arm. The smell that comes to the upper region of the arm is not very permanent and it loses its sense of early smell.
  • For women’s choice of evening and night perfume, women should prefer more intense smells. Since many odor molecules smell during the day, other odors are not taken. For this reason, intense scents are ideal for evening and night.
  • If you have a modest and calm lifestyle, you should head for more spicy smells. You can choose to smell like vanilla, flower. If you have an executive character, you can head to more authoritative smells and stinks.
When Men Choose Perfumes

Because men’s muscle structure, hormone balances, position and consumption of food are different from those of women, there are some things that men need to pay attention to, such as women.

How to choose perfume 1

For example, you are in a manager position or you are in severity demanding a professional. Vanilla a perfume the smell of you reduces. But a hard turunc Shell or Citron fragrances you increase.

  • Continue to move the gentlemen more fresh fragrances prefer should.
  • Smoker men’s sweet smells away from must be. this is because non-intented after tendency perfume the smell bad smell begins. it’s sweet smell sour smell continues.
  • Men’s perfume must be sprayed on arms top. men and fragrance more permanent to be arms the upper part of tightening need to.
  • Thus more permanent will be. men in the day light, the evening of the woody and soil smells should be prefered. I hope you have now known how to choose the perfume. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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