Monday, October 29, 2018

How To Do Makeup For Small Eye?

How To Do Makeup For Small Eye

If you have small eyes, you will be comfortable in daily life by the make-up technique we will give you so that you will be very comfortable. Here I will tell you How to do a small eye makeup and make-up techniques for those who have small eyes …

How To Make Small Eye Makeup?

Those with a small eye find difficulty for makeup choice. The reason for this is that very exaggerated makeup does not look very good to those who have a small eye structure. In this case, I would like to share with you the eye makeup that is preferred to small eyes.

Primer With Foundation

The first thing to do with small eyes is to start with a foundation that will serve as a primer on your eyelids. The foundation will make both make-up more permanent and not vanish all day long.

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Eyedropper line (Eyeliner) Selection

You can choose a color for the eyeliner. If your eyeliner choice if you have black or brown eyes, blue, pinkish violet colors will follow, while green and handy eyes shall have blue and brown tones.

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It is one of the tactics practiced by professional makers to apply from the inner corner to the outer corner of short eyelids and eyelids while applying eyeliner. You will be better off if you take care of it.

Add Beauty to Your Lashes with Mascara

If possible, bend your eyelashes before applying mascara and then apply the mascara. In this way, the process will be more accurate and will take its permanence.

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Lash Mascara Application

Apply mascara to your lashes and make it look more beautiful and elegant. If possible, perform a top-down operation in the vertical position to avoid the second layer.

You are finished with your makeup. So how to do Small Eye Makeup? you learned. You can apply this makeup technique at any time, just apply the makeup technique by changing the colors.

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