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How to Find Subcutaneous Tone And What Is It?

Recently we have been asked by our team to visit our mails. One of the most asked questions is the subcutaneous tone? and how the subcutaneous tone is found?

How to Find Subcutaneous Tone

Recently we have been asked by our team to visit our mails. One of the most asked questions is the subcutaneous tone? and how the subcutaneous tone is found? We have created a great article for you to show you what the skin tone is and how it is.

What is Skin Bottom Tone? How to Find

First, I would like to give you some information about what the skin tone is. I would like to explain this topic to you under a separate title.

What is Skin Bottom Tone?

Skin sub-tone is called your skin’s makeup tone so that your skin looks more vivid, healthier and even better during makeup. If you know the tone of your skin, you can choose the makeup, the clothes you wear, your hair color better and you can show yourself more beautifully.

For this reason, knowing your skin tone will help you choose more suitable colors for yourself, as well as which colors to choose.

Skin Bottom Tone Types

The bottom of the skin is not related to your being dark, blond, or obscene. The skin sub tone types are separated by a bucket. Warm (warm sub-tone), cool (cold sub-tone), neutral low tone. In short, a brunette can have a cool sub-tone or warmer . For this reason, several methods can be used to determine your skin tone.

How to Find Skin Bottom Tone

Several methods are used to find your skin tone. Among these methods are methods of finding skin undertones with vascular test, finding skin undertones with gold, and methods of finding skin undertones with paper. How to find the right subcutaneous tone? or if you are going to ask how to find skin sub-tone with these methods, let us explain.

Finding Bottom Tone With Vessel Test

Turn a light or a flashlight to the spot where your wrists are beamed in a good environment. If you observe that your vein color is close to green tones, then you have a warm sub tone, if your veins are a blue color, and if you have a cool sub tone, if your vein color is not close to these two tones and you can not comment on a different tonus vein color. You get clearer results of the light test in the sunlight.

How to Find Subcutaneous Tone

Finding Bottom Tone with Gold or Silver Test

With the help of gold or silver you can find your skin tone. For this, put a golden ring on your finger again in a lighted environment. If your skin looks healthy and shiny warm, if it looks healthier and livelier when you wear silver, cool it, then put one hand on silver hand and gold ring on the other hand. If you still can not get a healthy or vivid appearance, then you have a neutral sub-tone.

Finding Bottom Tone with White Paper Test

To find your skin tone with white paper, first wash your skin with cold water. Cold water clarifies the veins under the skin and clarifies your skin tone. While facing the mirror, bring a white paper face closer. If your skin looks yellowish or reddish next to the white paper, your skin tone is warm, if your face looks pinkish you have a cool sub-tone. If you still can not determine a result after applying these methods and there is no suitable color for these colors, your skin tone is neutral.

What is Skin Bottom Tone Good for?

It is really important to know your skin tone. Otherwise, the colors you use in makeup are incompatible with your skin, and as a result you show yourself unhealthy, pale. Sometimes as they walk on the road, the girls seem to be sick, flu and pale as a result of the makeup they make. Here are the reasons for these makeup mistakes made without knowing the skin tone.

Knowing your skin tone is also helpful in your clothing. For example, you can determine the colors of the clothes you will wear according to your skin tone. That’s all I can tell you about the skin tone. I hope it has been a useful article for you.

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