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How to Hide Puffy Eyes by Makeup

How to Hide Puffy Eyes by Makeup

Many people get swell under the eyes when they wake up in the morning. This swelling can be caused by insomnia or stress. At the same time, because the under-the-eye swelling is aesthetically bad, how can it be hidden with your makeup technique? I’ll show you with pictures.

How to Hide Under-Eye Swollen Makeup

It is actually a very simple technique to hide the under eye swelling with makeup which is very popular among the make-up techniques. However, this technique is known by many people, but there are people who do not know that much. Now let’s talk about how you can cover the swelling in your under eye bags with the makeup technique.

Use concealer for puffy eyes

You should use concealer products to cover the swelling in the under the eye. Here you will have to use the more opaque colors you need to look out for and make a light makeover. It is the secret of this job to select the most suitable concealer color for the skin color and to cover the shaded area of the under eye swelling.

You need to choose the concealer that is suitable for your skin. The preferred color will give better results if your color is 2 tonnes thick If possible.

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Before applying the makeup technique to the under eye condition, apply the under eye moisturizer for 10-15 minutes and apply the make-up technique after waiting time.

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As you can see in the picture above, it is possible to cover the area of your under-eye swelling by applying a concealer over two tons of your skin color. The other important thing here is the makeup color under the eyes. You should pay attention to this too.

After making the make-up, it is absolutely necessary to check the light. Look at this process as a math operation. You can check if you can cover it by holding a light under your eyes with a mirror in order to make it strong.
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