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How to lighten hair with lemon

How to lighten hair with lemon

We’ve already talked about how to lighten your hair with oxygenated water and chamomile tea. Even if it is not as effective as lemon methods, it can be preferred because it is an effective and completely natural method that can be tried by those who want to lighten their hair 1-2 tons without changing too much in hair color.

Before passing the recipe, people with dry hair should be warned about lemon. Because of the acid in the lemon, it should not be preferred by people with very dry hair as it will make their hair even drier.

Hair color lightening with lemon


• 3 lemons
• 2 chamomile tea bags
• 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
• 1 tablespoon almond oil
• An empty spray bottle


1. Boil 1 cup of water to throw tea bags into. Leave it for a few minutes.
2. Squeeze the juice of the lemons by your hands into the chamomile tea.
3. Put the chamomile tea and lemon juice that has been squeezed and brewed into a spray bottle
4. Pour the almond oil and cinnamon into the spray bottle and shake the spray bottle thoroughly.
5. Spray the areas you want to lighten in your hair from the spray bottle and dry these areas in the sunshine.

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Be careful when lightening your hair with lemon:

• Be careful not to apply it to your face as you will dry the mixture in the sunshine. Because lemon will make your skin more sensitive towards the sun.
• To test the efficacy of the mixture on your hair, we recommend you first try it at the ends of your hair.
• You can also use coconut oil instead of almond oil.
• Make sure that the materials are thoroughly mixed to ensure maximum effectiveness.
• Do not let cinnamon touch your hair roots too much.

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Interpretations of people who tried hair lightening by lemon

• There are those who say that this recipe is not just to lighten the hair color, but also to help with hair breakage.
• People with particularly dark brown hair are quite satisfied with this method.
• Some people say that when they lighten their hair with lemon, their hair roots become darker.
• There were also people who said that they got 2 tons lighter color, indicating that they kept the mixture on their hair for 1-2 hours before washing.
• Some people used less lemon because they were afraid that the lemon would burn their hair.
• Those who tried it with chamomile water say that they are more effective when used together with lemon.
• Some of the people who lighten the hair with lemon juice say that dryness occurred in their hair.

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