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How to Make a Triangle Surface Makeup

Triangle Surface Makeup

The make-up application made according to the face structure always gives us an effective make-up application that is shaded correctly and mobility. It is very important for the make-up people to know the face type and to make the applications in this direction. In a different application, the makeup is not in accordance with your face shape, it will not reveal the lines of your face and it will cause you to look rusty. How about the triangular face?

There are two different types of triangular face shapes. These are inverted and flat triplets. The facial type forehead, which we call flat triangle, is the face type with narrow jaw part. This facial type is the part that needs to be applied. In case of inverted triangular face type, the forehead wide jaw is narrow. In this face, it is necessary to show that the jaw structure is narrow in a balanced application.

How to Apply a Straight Triangle Makeup

For our flat triangle vision, the makeup module we need to use must be a foundation with 2 different color tones. Two different brushes are illuminated in 2 different color tones. We should not forget the temples and the edges of the eyes as well as our forehead. In the chin section, darker colors should be used to show the chin part inside. Shadowing should be done using 1-2 shades of darker than the shading. When doing this practice, be careful of the appearance of the facial features. Do your shading from the bottom of your ears to your cheek pit.

As for eye make-up, warm and more natural toning should be preferred. Eyebrows and eyes should be painted to create a distant view. The soul selection is likewise preferred in a slightly darker color in the same color tone as the makyaja

Triangle Surface Makeup1

How To Make Inverse Triangle Makeup

In this face type with narrow jaw section, apply shadowing with 1-2 ton dark-toned foundation to show the narrowness of the forehead part. The parts to be clarified in the surface are mostly provided as a result of light color foundation application. The lighting process is performed by shading towards the cheek pits from the ear lobe. In this case, the jaw structure becomes more pronounced when the forehead is moved to the backplane. On this face a balanced view is captured on the face structure. Contrary to the flat triangle face type, this makeup application paints the eye and the number structure closer to each other.

Triangle Face Makeup Rule
  • Dark tones pull back areas that need to hide
  • Emphasizes areas where bright tones are desired to be foreground
  • Oval painting of the eyebrow structure contributes to the smooth appearance of your face type
  • The more upright and fierce opposing styles show a hard and angled face
  • Use of lipstick should be painted in color tones where the lower lip will appear fuller if the lower lip is smaller and the upper lip is larger than this one hundred.

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