Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Make Night out Makeup

Night out Makeup

The night out makeup is one of the make-ups that are made for the most special occasions and should be paid much attention when made. In addition to being noted, a perfect night our makeup should be well rested a day before.

Night out Makeup

  • The most important areas of makeup in the night are eye and lips. For this reason, the foundation is very important to the eye. Use your fingers while applying the foundation and apply on the eye with the under the eye.

Night out Makeup (1)

  • Your foundation should match your skin. For this reason, it is useful to apply foundation to your skin color with a ton of light color. The second region you will apply in your face is the cheekbones. Apply the same to your cheekbones as you do to your eyes.

Night out Makeup (2)

  • One of the important regions in the make-up of the night is the eyebrows. Your eyebrows should be cleaned before makeup at night and shaped with the eyebrow brush and eyebrow pencil to look better.

Night out Makeup (3)

  • We can go ahead with the shadow for the night out make-up. The colors you are going to use may be light, medium or dark colors. This preference can be tailored to your suit. Darken over your eyelids along the upper eyelashes and with a thin line. You can use a lot of eyebrow application like this.

Night out Makeup (4)

  • You can draw a pencil to your eyes and give it a beautiful shape as it is in the picture. Eyes must be effective and striking. The contrasting colors of your skin color will show you twice as good.

Night out Makeup (5)

  • You should definitely use the liner. If the eyeliner is selected as thinner, it will give more effective results. To add flare to your eyes you can apply glowing or shiny shadow
  • Lips are very important in the make-up of the night out. It can be red or pink in color and surrounds your lip with a lip pencil to bring a more attractive consistency.

Night out Makeup (6)

  • Here you’re ready now. I think it’s time for you to take all the attention with your make-up on the night out. As a last resort, look at yourself and be proud. Congratulations on your beauty.

Night out Makeup (7)

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