Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Make Smoky Eye Makeup

How to Make Smoky-Eye Makeup1

I would like to share with you a few examples of how to make smoky eye makeup. Do not forget that smoky eye makeup will bring you to the foreground in the environment you enter.

How to make a smoky eye makeup?

To make a smoky eye makeup, follow the steps below and follow the sequence. You can get help by looking at the application examples and the smoky eye makeup card, or you can follow the example by watching the video related to the smoky eye makeup.

  • You can start with the primer from which you will first process your eyelids.
  • Apply eyeshadow, which has an opposite color to your brow color, to the entire surface of your eyelid.
  • Pull the eyelids to the lower eyelashes and take care to keep the middle part of the line you are pulling a bit thicker.
  • Do the same for the lower eyelashes and try to obtain a foggy look by distributing it with your line-finger or applicator.
  • Apply a dark shadow through the soles to the outer corners of your eyelids and just below the eyebrows.
  • Distribute the eyeshadow with a clean brush after headlamp operation.
  • As a final step, apply two layers of mascara and finish the process.

If you do not have the above materials, I can offer you a more beautiful and practical solution. If you say “I just have an eye pencil!” I will tell you right away.

  • Keep it closed and hot water for about 20 seconds before using eye pencil. Wait 20 seconds and then cool out for a few seconds.
  • When the eye pencil reaches drivable temperature, apply eye to the eyelids and eyelashes in a scattered manner.
  • After applying the same procedure to your lower eyelashes, make the pencil traces smudge with the sponge and applicator behind the stool.
  • The darkness grade is yours. If you want a darker look, you can try to make one more floor.

You can apply the smoky eye make-up types based on the following pictures.

How to Make Smoky Eye Makeup (1)

How to Make Smoky Eye Makeup (2)

The following video will help you for smoky eye makeup.

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