Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Remove False Lashes

How to Remove False Lashes

If you also have difficulty removing the eyelashes and you are not careful, you can damage your natural eyelashes. You should act very precisely when you pick up the patch. Those with few or no lashes can have a more sexy and attractive look by taking advantage of wearing eyelashes.

False eyelashes are especially invited by the ladies in order to be able to gain a sense of glance at weddings and to make the eyes more attractive. Especially the use of mascara and eyeliner can be added to make the look more beautiful with the help of eyelash curl can be curled. The eyelash should be worn in order to remove eyelashes and use as well as to prevent damage to eyes and skin.

Removing False Lashes
  • Eye makeup is thoroughly wiped with makeup remover.
  • Washing with soap is not the right process.
  • Also the mascara in the eye should not be removed.
  • It is enough to extract the difference on the eye.
  • Face the mirror with a lash remover that spills onto a piece of cotton. Gently lash out the lashes on the lashes.
  • Soften the cotton on the eye with the eyelash remover for about 30 seconds.
  • Remove with slow motion with the help of a tweezer.
  • If your fingernails are not used, they can be discarded. If your lashes are intact, you can store them in a box.
  • When you remove the eyelash, you can also apply a lot of eyelash remover lotion to prevent deep skin damage.
  • After the eyelash is removed, the adhesive on the eye is also cleaned by applying it with the help of a cotton swab for the remaining stickers.
False Eyelash Removing 2

There are sticky cottons for eye makeup. The characteristics of these bars are in the eye makeup cleaner. All you have to do is pull a head off the cotton. At this point, the makeup cleaner flows to the other side instantaneously. It is the only safe way to remove the eyelash adhesive and damage the eyelashes while doing this. Lift your eyelids gently and soften your eyelashes gently by focusing on the eyelashes. You will not need to pinch your skin or your lashes on this. Use tweezers to remove your eyelashes precisely later. If you put your tweezers on this number, you will easily get out and do a clean operation.

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