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How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Women and young ladies use all kinds of cosmetic products and care types to be beautiful. It is chosen as one of the points where a woman is sensitive about cleaning with the nails being well maintained. The ladies who want to have well-kept, beautiful nails add more beauty to their beautiful appearance by driving nail polish. The shiny objects are also preferred in terms of beauty.

Well-behaved women are extremely concerned with their nails. Whatever happens, even if one of your fingernails breaks, they will be able to remove all of them from the eye. After the use of the nail-like objects, which are the most important factors, most of the remnants of the glitter are disturbed.

We have shared the tips below with you in order to save the ladies from the troubles in this direction. With these methods you can get rid of your fingernails glitter without getting infected at all.


  • Nail polish remover
  • 10 pieces of disc cotton
  • Aluminium foil

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish 1It is easy to use, although it is easy to use. They are causing contamination when they come into contact with clothes or when touching face parts.

With acetone, you will not be able to go out exactly in some way. Therefore, instead of taking out the silvery body, you first waited for a while, riding your acetone nails. Pumice acetone and then put on each of your fingers to wait for a while. Cover your fingernails with aluminum foil, which is prepared later. You should prepare your fingers to stretch your fingers before removing the fingers. Wait for 5 minutes after pressing the finger to release your finger. When you are done with the foil, wipe the fingernails again by pouring the cotton from the acetone. Thus, you can also see that the silken objects are beautifully produced without damaging your tornadoes and without being contaminated.

Your nails will give you more convenience if you try apply shiny polish before glitter polish.

There are 2 different methods to remove the shiny polish. The base will protect the nails from residues with base lacquers and will facilitate the extraction of the algae. The second one is olive oil. Put a little olive oil and leave your nails within 5 minutes. In this way, it is possible to get rid of the glitter immediately.

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