Monday, October 29, 2018

How to Use Perfume in Summer

How to Use Perfume in Summer

The most important point that perfume users should know is to use perfume according to skin and season. Every smell has a different smell on each tendon. You should know how perfume is used in summer and winter. Since it is the most vibrant, joyous time in summer, you should definitely choose light and fresh smells with the sun.

When the immaculate spring winds arrive we begin to smell better. We are going to apply the same thing to the perfume section, how we are saving everything that is in our life of spring and summer. You need to be very careful when using heavy and intense aromas. These types of odors can cause adverse reactions if they are not 100% compatible with the skin. In the spring and summer months this type of perfume should definitely be avoided. It may be a smell you like a lot, it does not matter if it smells good to you. You have to accept that there is no way to match up with the summer heat and do your job. On a cold winter day, the warmth of the hearings can react in the wrong way in the summer.

How to Use Perfume in Summer-1Perfume is very sensitive. You can not choose a perfume according to your season and your skin harmony. You absolutely must know the practice tactics well. Often very intense fragrance is squeezed. Perfume should be a perfume that you prefer and that you want the people approaching you to perceive. Someone who does not want to hear your smell should not have to breathe it. Even the best perfume, if applied very intensely, is not effective but an unpleasant odor is obtained.

It is more beneficial to apply it on clothes in winter, but it is beneficial to apply it on summer. In the summer months when people are wearing very thin clothes due to the hot weather, it causes the perfume smell to fly in a much shorter time. Therefore perfume should be applied to clean skin. Thanks to secretory glands, the perfume applied to the chest area behind the ears and wrists spreads more easily around the area under the influence of hot air. Squeezing perfume on clothes that are exposed to direct sunlight causes the smell to fly faster.

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