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I Want To Lose Weight

I Want To Lose Weight

There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to lose weight. Let’s examine important points for those who want to lose weight.

Weight loss, slim body, thinning and more beautiful words. Those little letters that express your purpose. It’s a tough road that’s not as easy as it comes out of your mouth, and this road will help you with that data.

You might have applied the diet of obscure so-called “experts” who went into useless detox programs to lose weight or found your own system. But now nothing will be like the old one.

How do you lose weight in the vision of a medical doctor? Do you want to search for an answer to your question?

Then here we start!

Finding the right kind of diet

There are many ideas that you will encounter in this matter. These ideas are so diverse that you can get advice from the grocery store owner Jhon even on the corner like “you should feel like this”. I understand how undecided you are in such an environment. What you need to overcome this ambiguity is to learn right consumption systematically.

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”Let’s take the first step if you want to learn to feed properly and sort out the things that should be in the right nutritional style.”

  • First, the most important thing that should be in the right nutrition style is sustainability. Many surveys show that many systems that are daily, weekly, monthly and focused on fast weight loss are not successful. The only reason for this is that people leave this feeding style after the fixed time is over. As a result, many “things” that are launched as a nutrition program are no different from torture programs.
  • If a sustainable system comes to mind, the second thing to note is that the program is healthy. If a nutrition program promises you to eat everything you want and just eat the foods you love, you are probably in a big game if you are guaranteed to stay healthy. Because some foods are not healthy anymore. For this reason, you do not consume certain foods and you need a well-structured program.

If you have come through, a nutrition program that includes these two features, you now have to think seriously about it. If you do not mind, let me help you; because you do not need to call, I have a few suggestions for you.

Which foods should I consume?

The first thing that comes to mind in the weight-loss process is probably what nutrients should be consumed so much, which ones should be consumed less. The answer is simple, consuming the carbohydrate should be very low, the protein should be medium, and the oil should be very much consumed.

Fat has been found in many studies – some of these studies have been done on people with diabetes (diabetic) – low carbohydrate high fat consumption provides;

  • Blood oil levels are positively affected,
  • Accelerate weight loss,
  • Feels less hungry,
  • Insulin resistance is broken,

OK. But I need a program!

I found out how healthy it is to consume high fat, a low carbohydrate in my previous article, but I can see that the question is “how do I do it?”

There are three different nutritional mantras that have been created for this and which I often prefer.

I want to make a reminder before going through these mantalities. It is very important that you eat slowly. Because eating fastly increases the risk of obesity, and develops insulin resistance.

Ketogenic diet

The low-carbohydrate high fat diet is more tightly packed. There is an explanatory note about this system used by many physicians l to treat many diseases.

If the ketogenic diet offers a tough experience for you, I will recommend a low-carbohydrate diet that is lighter but with similar benefits.

Paleo diet

The paleo diet, which replaces the diet of our ancestors in the past, is a really healthy and good alternative. I have my studies in this direction. Another good feature is that the paleo diet contains low carbohydrate high fat.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a system that determines when you will consume and what you consume by itself. For this reason, you need to eat be filled 6-8 hours a day, and to remain hungry 16-18 hours daily in this nutrition style, which should be combined with a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet.

None of the healthy diets will allow you to lose weight fast. Because losing weight fast is not possible if you consider the definition of “weight loss” to be fat loss.

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