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Leg and Hip Shaping

A lot of squat movement is needed to shape the leg and hip. As long as the squat varieties are carefully done, it is also a key to a steep and steady position as useful to the body.

Leg and Hip Shaping

A lot of squat movement is needed to shape the leg and hip. As long as the squat varieties are carefully done, it is also a key to a steep and steady position as useful to the body. You should always pay attention to the warning when you are doing the movement, otherwise, the injuries may occur. It is a movement that not only promotes the movement of the waist, but also strengthens and shapes the waist, hips, and legs, and supports the fat burning best.

Hips Up And Round

One of the things the ladies want most is to tighten the hips with the squat movement. In addition to this movement, when the deadlift movement, which is an individual to shape the waist thinning, is made, a waist twist is formed and the hips become outwardly protruding. So the ladies get exactly what they want.

deadlift and squat


Shaping the hips is not just a matter for the ladies. Particularly in the case of people who need to work on the deskbound or the vehicle constantly, there is fat and expansion in their hips. The squat movement must be done regularly to prevent this situation. When we look at the physics of fitness models, we can see that the hips and legs are shaped and rounded. This physics is due to this action.

How to Make Squat Movement

The first thing to notice when doing squat movement is the belly position.

  • First, we should not try to remove the weight from the ground. The weight we place on a height should be around the chest line. When we get under it, our knees should be slightly broken so that when we stand we can make the weight stay on our shoulders.
  • We place the weight on the trapezius muscles.
  • It is important to seat the bar right at the center of the trapezium. Otherwise, unstable positions may occur.
  • While we are sinking downward and pulling our waist inward, we will pull our core outward towards the front. The back should not have arching shape.
  • When squatting, the knees should not move towards the front, but the hip should go backward.
  • The face must always be facing forward.
  • The feet should be pointed forward, and should not be moved when squatting.

What is the Squat Movement Good for

The benefit of the squat movement, which is a must-have exercise in cardio exercise programs, is huge. Not only for the legs, but also for the development of whole body muscles. Because running the leg muscles allows us to secrete more of the growth hormone so that we can develop other muscles of the body like the wristband. The majority of those involved in bodybuilding are working on all muscles and neglecting leg muscles. Particular attention should be paid to the work of the legs, and if possible, another muscle group should not be operated on the day of the legwork. In many countries, the leg day is called leg day and only the leg muscles are exercised on this working day. The next day, the legs are resting so that they can develop better.

It is absolutely necessary for those who want to lose weight and be slim to do the squat movement in the same way. Squat, which is the most active movement of the leg muscles, activates a large muscle mass, accelerating the pulse, increasing blood circulation. Thus, the fat burning speed is accelerated and weight loss is increased. It also allows you to quickly burn the fat that has accumulated in the legs and hips. There is no possibility of cellulite in a lady that regularly squats. If we have a cellulite appearance and if we do this exercise regularly, we can get rid of it.

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What is Squat Variety

We can change the muscle group we want to bring forward by making the squat movement in different ways. The explanations about the movement that I just mentioned were in the normal squat movement. In addition to this, the shape of the legs, variations of the squat movement can be created according to the shape of the bar and the shape of the collapse.

Barbell Front SquatBarbell Front Squat (1)

Things to be careful about on the move are more or less the same. The difference is that the bar is not on the trapezius muscles but on the shoulder muscles in the front. Since the balance is slightly ahead, we need to stay upright. Movement is done to make quadriceps muscles run better in this way. If we have a balance problem, we can put a slight height under our heels. Otherwise, the positions of the waist and legs are the same. We can hold the bar in the front with the grip on the shoulder as well as with the crossed handles. We need to lower the weights a little more than normal.

Full Squat

In this movement, the things that need attention are the same. Unlike the normal squat, it is more collapsed. It will collapse to the normal sitting position. Our hamstring muscles are collapsed until the shank contacts or only a small distance is left.


The aim of doing this is to put more of the hip muscles into action. With the affected muscles being the same, we will be pushing our hip muscles firmly at the point where we descend more and from where we begin to rise. Toe tip is lightly turned out to make the movement more stable.

Sumo Squat

The normal squat difference of the Sumo squat movement is that the legs are in an opening close to 2 shoulder widths and show the outer bracing of the foot tips. The movement is usually done with dumbbells and the dumbbells are held down with two hands. Advanced athletes make this move with the bar and increase the working muscle group even further. The positions of the waist and legs are the same in the movement and there is no change in the points to be noticed. Only the legs are wider. The reason why the movement is done in this way is to put the inner leg muscles and the hip more in motion. It is a movement with a wider range of leg muscles.

In order to shape the leg and hip, we definitely add squat movement. The key to a good development is the squat. If you do not have a problem with the subject, you can ask from the comments section below or from the contact page. The problem will be answered as soon as possible. Good wishes.

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