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Nail Polish Brands

Nail Polish Brands

The area where women receive the most products in their colorful cosmetics are the nails. How well do you know the things you take to decorate, colorize the nails?

You can think of what might happen to him. But you should not forget that you are responsible for your body as well as your nails. Especially if you think that the cosmetic product used by young girls is nail polish, it would be useful to pay extra attention.


It is the most preferred Pasteldir which has the cheapest items in the market and also contains no harmful substances. The pastel designs that you can find easily in many places have quite a lot of color. Online shopping is also available.

  • The price varies from 1 to 2$

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen, a world-renowned brand in nail care and colors, is a brand that does not add toxic trio to its products. Sally Hansen can be found at pharmacies, stores like Watsons and Gratis.

  • Prices increase from 2$ to 5$.

Chine Glaze

You can find it in China Glaze ‘Tanaçan Cosmetics, Lilacutu or Gratis, which has its own quality as its durability.

  • The price is around 3.5$.

Wet n Wild

The Wet n Wild brand, which has just started selling in gratis, is famous for its headlamps and lipsticks, but it is also highly appreciated by its products. As you can find all kinds of colors, Wet n Wild is especially known for its twisted objects.

  • Wet n Wild you can find in the scales varies between 0.50 and 2$.


It is a brand that emphasizes itself with its color diversity and harmful content. They have items that pregnant women claim they can comfortably use. It does not contain harmful substances.

  • It has prices ranging from 7$ to 8$.

The O.P.

One of the well-known nail polish brands does not mix hazardous materials with O.P.I. The prices of O.PI which produce the items you can use with confidence are around 8$. It is offered for sale only at Sephora.

Butter London

The ogenous content you can find at Douglas stores has not been reduced. Everything is thought up to the finest detail, from bottle design to releaseability.

  • Prices are around 8$.


Nail care and nail cosmetics to pass the name of many brands to reach the summit Essie brand quality products are produced. It also has a content that can be safely used at the same time as Kalitenin. You can get Essie objects from YKM, Boyner and Sephollard.

Essie price is 6$.

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