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Natural Hair Coloring at Home

Natural Hair Coloring at Home

Since a vast majority of cosmetic hair dyes contain chemical substances, everyone is now heading towards natural hair dyes. In terms of health, the most accurate is the natural hair color. These dyes that you can easily apply in the home environment allow your money to remain in your pocket.

The most natural hair color known is the henna used by many people. Some medicinal plants, like henna, also have dyeing effects. Different plants work for each hair tone, but the steps you will apply to your hair are almost the same. Here are the things you need to be aware of for both being healthy and lasting:

Herbal Hair Dyeing Steps

  • Cut and crush the herbal material. Unless otherwise stated, you can use fresh or dried plants. The smaller you cut and crush it, the darker the color will be because it will reach so many hair strands.
  • You can continue to add water slowly until you get a consistency in toothpaste thickness by adding hot water to your plants. Hot water will allow the plants to release more color so that they will open the pores. For the hair colors, you need to make tea, use half a cup of medicinal herb and 2 cups of boiling water. You need to cool it down completely after you brewed it. When it is cooled, take the tea out and put it in a separate bowl.
  • If you are making hair dye by herbal tea, you will have to apply the whole tea to your hair.Throw the hair back and hold it from the top and put it in a shower cap.
  • If you are dyeing your hair using a mask, apply from the roots to the ends, massage and let in a shower cap.
  • If possible, dry your hair in the sunshine. It will give a lusher and highlight appearance.
  • Since most herbal hair dyes are not very permanent, those who want to have a permanent color tone can repeat the dyeing process once a month.
Which Herbs You Can Use For Which Hair Color

The hair types may experience differences in the absorption of the dye and its reflection from the hair to hair. Some people’s hair grows faster than others and the color can disappear more quickly. Since some hair may react differently to some herbal colors, you can try the following suggestion for yourself and see the results.

For Blonde Tones;

Blonde hair usually requires more herbal hair dye than other hair colors. Lemon juice usually works well for light blonde colors. You can get darker blonde tones with a herbal tea made with chamomile and jalapenos flowers.

Rhubarb roots are effective in making gold-blonde tones. Boil the rhubarb roots in the water and let it cool. You can also apply this method to other herbal teas. With other roots containing berberine, it is possible to get results close to this result.

For brown hair color

For brown hair, you can use a strong black tea or coffee. Herbal teas made from rosemary and sage tea can also be used. Sage tea is a healing plant that has been used for a long time to cover up gray hair.

In addition, boil cloves and sage tea in separate cups, then mix together to obtain a mixture. Add a teaspoon henna to this mixture and mix until a homogenous mixture is obtained. If you apply this mixture to your hair you can get brown color tones.

For red hair;

Nothing for red hair can be effective as tomato juice. Apply plenty of tomato juice and massage your hair and hair roots. Then cover your hair with a nylon bag or shower cap and wait for 30 minutes like this.

You can also use an herbal tea that you will make with amber flower and calendula flower. You can adjust the darkness of the red tones by reducing or increasing the amount of amber flower in the mixture. By the antioxidants found in these plants, these plants are extremely healthy in terms of your hair health.

Using crushed beetroots, you can get a very nice light reddish, or purple color tones, rinsing with vinegar will make the tone appear more.

For black hair

It is very difficult to reach a 100% black color tones with herbal methods. Black walnut dust helps you achieve a fairly dark black tone. If you have a little crazy side, you can get a bluish black tone by using an indigo plant.

Also, boil some of the sage tea and black tea in 2 cups of water and let it brew for 15 minutes. By applying this tea you can also ensure that your hair turns black.

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