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Natural Solution For Fluffy Hair

Natural Solution For Fluffy Hair

The blistering of hair is usually a genetic condition and is more common in warmer weather and after washing your hair.

If your hair is fluffy and you are uncomfortable with it, if you are looking for natural solutions and masks against it, you can check out the solutions we offer you below.

Suggestions to reduce fluffy hair
  • Always try to wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo. Chemically strong shampoos will dry your hair more.
  • While you shampoo your hair, applying cream will also soften your hair and turn off the puffiness. You can do this once a week.
  • When you wash your hair, apply hair oil before it is completely dry. This will reduce the fluffiness of your hair.
  • You will see that the fluffiness of your hair is diminishing the next day if you fit your hair in a loose horsetail style before you go to bed.
  • Your hair roots are dry because of your fluffy hair. For this, you can massage your hair roots and head skin with almond oil or coconut oil.
  • If your hair is fluffy because it’s curly, the only way to reduce the fuzziness is to straighten your hair.
  • Applying little care to your hair will also increase the fuzziness of your hair. Absolutely do your hair care once a week. For this, we have already written a hair care tips article.
  • Be careful when buying a hairdryer as it is ion-friendly and use your hair dryer as little as you can. Extreme heat is also the enemy of your hair.
  • When using a hair straightener, you can prevent damage and fuzziness of your hair by using heat-resistant sprayers.
  • After bath using a towel with a microfibre feature on will help your hair to get less fluffy.
  • Multi-layer cuts of your hair will make it fluffy. Straight cutting will be more convenient for you.
  • Baby 2 drops of baby oil after your hair will also be good for the swelling and electrification.
  • Use a shampoo suitable for your skin and hair type. The best way to find this is by trial and error.
  • Quickly consume plenty of vitamin C and stand away from the stress.
  • If you dry your hair with a comb instead of drying it by messing it up, you can reduce the fuzziness by avoiding the amorphous waves.
  • You can get bulkier but less fluffy hair by adding a teaspoon honey to your shampoo.
Olive oil hair care

2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons olive oil

Stir the olive oil and the honey together and apply it on your hair from the roots towards the ends. Hold your hair for 3 hours after you’ve covered your hair with a shower cap. Then rinse your hair with cold or warm water. You can have less fluffy hair by doing this once a week.

Olive oil hair care

Mayonnaise with fluffy hair care

1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup honey
2 tablespoons olive oil
4 drops of lavender oil

Natural Solution For Fluffy Hair 1

After all the ingredients have been mixed, apply it on your dry hair from the bottom towards the end. Keep your hair in a shower cap for 20 minutes. Then shampoo and clean your hair. By applying this mixture every 2 weeks, you can have hair that is easier to shape and grow.

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