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Natural Solutions Oily Hair

If you get an oily appearance within a short period of time (usually 1-2 days) after you have shampooed your hair, that means you have an oily hair type. This oil in the hair is produced by the scalp to protect the hair. The production of these protective oils is much more in the case of oily hair that is quickly oiled.

What causes oily hair?

The reasons for the more frequent secretion of the protective oils that enable your hair to quickly get oiled are:

• Can be inherited
• Hormonal disorders caused by menstrual period, pregnancy and birth control pills
• Excessive stress
• Excess consumption of oil-rich foods
• less hair care

Excess sebum production on oily hair can make the hair heavy, weak and difficult to control. Dandruff combined with the sebum can become a layer of your hair. As a result, itching may occur in your hair, resulting in loss and thinning of the hair.

Here you can apply the natural solutions that we recommend to you to prevent the rapid oiling that can lead to such undesirable consequences and to ensure the care of your hair.

Effective natural recipes that prevent quick oiling in hair

1. Apple Vinegar

When it comes to oily hair, one of the most effective solutions is apple vinegar. The acetic acid contained in it regulates the pH level of your hair scalp, preventing the production of excess protective oil. In addition, by the deep cleansing properties, hair bottom in your hair will also be the best cleansing fluid.

1. Add 2-3 cups of apple vinegar into a glass of water.
2. After washing your hair with a shampoo for oily hair, rinse your hair with apple vinegar mixture.
3. After waiting a few minutes, rinse your hair with cold water.
4. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Another miraculous natural solution for oily hair is the use of aloe vera gel. You can use aloe vera gel shampoos to get rid of oily hair, you can mix aloe vera gel with your shampoo that you use.

1. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon fresh aloe vera gel into a glass of shampoo and mix.
2. Apply the mixture to your hair and hair roots and let it stay like this for a few minutes.
3. Then wash your hair and rinse with cold water.
4. You can store the remaining mixture in the refrigerator and then use it again.
5. Repeat this process on a daily basis to get the results you want.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon is an effective natural method that can be used for different types of scalp and hair problems. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in the hair that will increase the health of your hair. It also regulates the pH balance of the hair dough due to the acidic structure.

1. Add juice of 2 lemons into 2 glasses of water and mix.
2. Add 3 teaspoon of honey and continue stirring.
3. Apply this mixture deep into your head and your hair from the bottom to the tip.
4. Massage the head for a few minutes with this mixture.
5. After waiting five minutes, wash your hair with warm water and rinse.
6. Repeat this application 3 times a week for best results.

4. Egg yolk

Egg yolks are a fast and effective way to remove excess oil from your hair. It is known that it has been used since ancient times.

1. Separate the two egg’s yolks and mix them thoroughly.
2. Add 3-4 drops of lemon juice to the egg yolk and continue mixing.
3. Soak your hair and apply the mixture of egg yolks to your wet hair.
4. Wash for 5 minutes so that no residue is left after this time.
5. You can do this 2-3 times a week.

5. Black Tea

By the tannin acids found in black tea, it tightens the pores in the hair scalp and prevents excessive oil reduction and blocking of the pores.

1. Add 2 tablespoons black tea into a glass of water.
2. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes.
3. Filter the tea leaves thoroughly and let the remaining water cool down at room temperature.
4. Pour this warm water into your hair bottom and massage.
5. After waiting for about five minutes, wash with water first and then wash your hair with shampoo.
6. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week to avoid rapid oiling of your hair.

6. Honey

Honey is also one of the natural methods used to treat oily hair.

1. Mix two teaspoons of honey with an egg yolk.
2. Wait for 30 minutes to thoroughly nest after mixing.
3. Apply this mixture in equal amounts to your hair and massage by your fingers deep into the head for a few minutes.
4. Allow this mixture to remain in your hair for 20 minutes.
5. Rinse your hair thoroughly and then wash with shampoo.
6. Repeat this process twice a week to get rid of the oily hair.

7. Carbonate

Carbonate’s oil-absorbing properties and alkaline properties can help to prevent excess oil from increasing by balancing the pH level of your hair roots.

What causes oily hair

• Create a mixture by adding 3 parts water for 1 part carbonate. Apply this mixture to your hair that is previously wet. After waiting a few minutes, rinse with warm water. Repeat this practice once or twice a week.

• Alternatively, if you are not in time to shampoo your hair, you can use carbonation as a dry shampoo. Take some carbohydrates to absorb the oil in your oily hair and circulate your fingers in your hair just like shampooing your hair. When you brush your hair with a quality brush, you will see that excess oil has disappeared.

8. Tomatoes

We can say that tomato has a regulating effect on the pH level of your hair by its acidic structure. Besides, tomatoes will also destroy unwanted bad smells.

1. Thoroughly mix a teaspoonful of clay with a mature tomato juice.
2. Apply this mixture to your hair and your hair roots.
3. Cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for 30 minutes.
4. Wash with cold water.
5. Repeat this process once or twice a week.

9. Banana

You may have oily hair because of heavy hair creams and shampoos that you use. To avoid this situation, you can prepare a hair cream for yourself at home with banana. This cream which will feed your hair will also destroy the oil in your hair at the same time.

1. Crush a banana with a fork.
2. Add a tablespoon of honey and mix.
3. Start applying this mixture from the bottom of your hair to the ends.
4. Wait 20 minutes like this.
5. Remove the mixture from your hair by performing a good rinse with warm water.
6. You can apply this process twice a week to get the results you want.

Suggestions to prevent your hair from getting oily

• Whenever you shampoo your hair, rinse it thoroughly to avoid any chemical residue.
• Do not scrub and scratch it when your hair is oily, that can lead to infection.
• Make sure the shampoo you use is for oily hair, and if you use shampoo for dry hair, the condition may get worse.
• Take care to consume foods rich in omega-3 fat acids.
• Be careful when using hair creams on the scalp of your hair, use it on the tips of your hair. Rinse off after use.
• Do not brush your hair very often because it will make the gland that produces oil more active when brushing your hair too often.

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