Monday, October 29, 2018
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New and Modern Bob Hairstyles

Modern Bob Hairstyles

Classic bob style is a model that has been known for years for your hair. But do you know that the bob style can have a lot of variations in itself? You can choose from the bob haircut models we have compiled for you, which are suitable for your face and your skin.

Platinum bob haircut

How to shape

1. Straighten your hair using whichever products you use to straighten your hair. But make sure that your hair is damp and you are brushing down.

2. With the help of a comb, slide your hair down and brush the bangs outward.

3. Dry your hair using a short brush.

4. Straighten your hair outward as far as you can.

Suitable for which faces

This flashy hairstyle is suitable for almost every face type. It is an indispensable model especially for large foreheaded persons and oval faces.

Wild red bob haircut

How to shape

1. Leave a deep section near your hair and brush your forelocks into that area.

2. Spread all your hair through the curling iron and tilt the bottom ends inward.

3. Gently shine with the glossing serum you are using.

Suitable for Which faces

It is well suited for people with round and rectangular face types. People with thicker hair will feel more beautiful.

Folded bob hairstyle

How to shape

1. Apply a protective product to your hair against the heat after you make sure that your hair is dry and clean.

2. Using a comp, create a wavy portion to the right and to the left from the center.

3. Use a curling iron until your hair is completely straightened.

4. You can use a light hairspray to show your folds.

Suitable Which faces

It is very suitable for those who do not have a lot of thick strands and light skin.

High fashion bob style

How to shape

1. Separate your dry and clean hair aside to one side.

2. Make curls with a curling iron.

3. While building the curls, pull your hair vertically to the side and try to make the curls outward from the face.

4. After all your hair is curled, you can use your fingers to shape and get a soft look.

Suitable for Which face

Anyone with the ability to curl can apply this modern hairstyle.

Short and elegant bob
Short and elegant bob

How to shape

1. Curl all your hair with a curling iron.

2. Pull your hair vertically down while twisting your hair for a more circular, appearance.

Suitable for which face

This hairstyle, which is generally suitable for every face type, may be one of the first choices of buxom ladies.

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