Monday, October 29, 2018

Perfect Night Out Makeup Application

Night Makeup

Are you going out? Do you need a perfect night out makeup? Then do not worry at all. Because we will give you detailed and illustrated information about the perfect nighttime makeup application. So you will become the most beautiful girl of the night.

Perfect Night Make-Up Application

Night out makeup application is a kind of make-up which is more intense than other make-ups and should not be played over. For this reason, you should manage you all night. For this reason, you need to make a perfect nighttime makeup application. Otherwise, it will break down immediately or make-up may ruin your entire night. How do you make perfect night make-up without extending a lot? Let’s start to tell.

How to Make Perfect Night Out Makeup

Night Makeup (1)

Is not it perfect? The points that should be considered in nighttime makeup are; color choice, harmony with the eye and sharpness of the eyes.

Let’s start now and do a perfect eye makeup …

First, start from the line of the eyelid and apply the black eye shadow to surround the eye. Immediately fill the inside of the eyelid with the help of a small brush. Just like the picture below.

Night Makeup (2)

After you have finished this process, apply your brow so that your under eye looks more intense. This is how you get an intense look.

Night Makeup (3)

Now we will apply a blue shadow on the eyelids. You can use your fingers during this application. Apply blue drops over your eyelids with your fingers. If you want to get more effective results, use a brush after with you applied the shadow by your finger.

Night Makeup (4)

Now apply the purple eye shadow under the eyelashes. After the lashes have been used up, just blindfold on the top. When the process is finished, it will appear in the picture below.

Night Makeup (5)

Now we can go to the eyeliner application. Apply with eyeliner to both upper and lower eye lines. With eyeliner, your eyes will look much better.

Night Makeup (6)

Now time for the mascara. Take care to keep your eyes open, especially when driving on the lower lashes. You can go through the upper lashes after driving the lower lashes.

Night Makeup (7)

Lastly, apply the higlighter, including the eye springs, to make a glittering effect on the night-time make-up, which experts and make-up artists prefer.

Night Makeup (8)

I think our makeup is over now, it was great. If you want to know the properties of the makeup materials used in makeup during the night, look at the picture below.

Night Makeup (9)

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