Monday, October 29, 2018

Permanent Make-Up Before-After

Permanent Make-Up

It’s worthwhile to know some important things before you make permanent makeup. Permanent makeup has become a situation where almost every woman once has a head and thinks that I should have permanent makeup. Because someone with permanent makeup is always well-groomed and does not need to do anything extra to look beautiful.

Permanent Before Makeup

When you make permanent makeup, do not get up in the morning, you do not need any lipstick, your eyebrows do not need pencil drawing. When you look back you always see yourself beautiful.

There are some pitfalls that need to be known before and after permanent makeup without extending too much. If you have decided to make permanent makeup, it is a good idea to keep some points we share for you below.

Permanent After-Makeup Color

Your doctor will tell you after you have done permanent makeup. After permanent makeup, it takes almost 2 weeks to sit on the shiny skin. Generally, the ladies who have permanent lip makeup appear to have a pale appearance on their lips during the healing period. This is the residence time of permanent makeup. If you have permanent coloring and have not had a color problem for two weeks, do not panic.

If your eyebrows have permanent makeup, you will experience the exact opposite of sitting on your lips. Permanent makeup made from scratch looks much more vivid. The area around the eyebrows and inside looks very bright. However, as we have said, permanent coloring takes about 2 weeks to settle.

Permanent After-Makeup Color

Side Effects of Permanent Makeup

There is no known side effect of permanent makeup. However, there are unknown or untoward side effects. First of all, everything must be sterile, from the place where permanent make-up is to be done to the tools and accessories used.

Before you make permanent makeup, you should check if your skin is an allergy. You can do a few tests for this. In addition, you should not use any medication that dilutes your blood before permanent makeup.

Persistent Makeup

The pains of permanent makeup are scarce. We did not find anyone who made permanent makeup and complained of pain. There is an anxiety due to the vibration of the machine and the stress of the state when only make-up is done permanently.

Permanent Make-up Pre-Anesthesia

Before permanent make-up, only a drug cream is applied and the place where the permanent make-up is to be done is numb. By the cream, the region becomes numb and permanent makeup begins. However, according to the make-up doctor’s decision made on the lip region and in general, injection anesthesia is performed.

Permanent Make-up Pre-Anesthesia

Permanent Makeup and Redness

There may be redness and mild burning after permanent makeup. This is very normal. But there is also a solution. It feels better when the area is rubbed with ice after permanent makeup.

Permanent After Makeup Skin Linking

After permanent makeup, very thin crusts can be formed that are not visible. However, these shells will be poured within 2 or 3 days. Never rub the shells with your hands. If you peel the shells with your hands, you may break the permanent makeup and cause the color change.

Contact with water after permanent make-up

A lot of people who make permanent makeup have a question about this in8 their minds. After permanent make-up, you should not enter the bath or sauna for about 2 weeks. During this time you should also avoid contact with water.

Contact with water after permanent make-up

Use of Cream after permanent makeup

After permanent makeup, you can use cream on your doctor’s advice. Whenever possible, you should choose glycerin creams. Especially you can use bephanthene plus cream.

Sun and Solarium After Permanent Makeup

After permanent makeup you should be protected from the sun. High-impact sun creams will see your business. However, it is a good idea to go as far as possible to the sun. Otherwise, stains on the make-up area may occur and cause you to have to repeat the process.

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup changes the duration of retention. Permanent make-up depends on the skin texture and care of the person who will complete the procedure. At the same time, dark-skinned people are more lucky than light-skinned people.

Is permanent makeup removed?

Permanent makeup is removed. However, it is much more difficult than this process. Different methods are used to remove permanent makeup. These methods include acid, laser, cream.

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