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Premenstrual Stress Syndrome

Premenstrual Stress Syndrome

A woman feels uncomfortable before the months start. Some people feel swollen, some are irritable or headaches. But there is also a part of the life of the moon after the middle of the various symptoms of life changes. Some of them are in so much mental distress that everyone in the family knows that the state of the moon is coming. He gets cranky, disfigured and frequent networks. The other discomfort is insomnia, carelessness, fatigue and depression.

Because of the accumulation of temporary fluid in the body, there is swelling, pain and fullness in the breasts. Some complain of headaches and dizziness, heart palpitations. Symptoms of digestive tracts include nausea, vomiting, constipation and appetite changes. It is usually sweet. Allergies, skin diseases, and vision may worsen. All these symptoms last for 4-10 days and the female feels comfortable with the onset of the months.

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The reason unfortunately has not been found until now. Hormonal effects, such as estrogen, are thought to cause fluid accumulation in the body and hormones such as other thyroid and progesterone are considered. But none have been proved as genuine reasons. Because only the hormone effect can not be explained with the symptoms.

Treatment: The most important task of the doctor who will take the treatment of this syndrome is the separation of the diagnosis from other diseases. The symptoms are so diverse that they may have other organ diseases. Psychological symptoms such as depression and irritability require that a woman have a mental illness. This can be understood at the first visit. If they begin before the month, but the month of the state is lost if the premenstrual syndrome. If not, and if the patient had previously been treated for mental illness, it is no longer Premenstrual syndrome. Then a consultation with a psychiatrist is the culmination.

Treatment is their treatment of what the symptoms are. Symptoms such as bloating of the abdomen, fullness in the breasts can help diuretic drugs. It is also recommended that the patient reduce the salt. Nervousness, anger like the benefits of sedative sedative drugs.

A useful method is to keep the patient ‘s daily notes of the symptoms every month and to bring them to the doctor to inform the doctor about which symptoms he / she benefits from. It is also recommended to discuss and talk with other patients suffering from the same disorder.

Some patients benefit from natural progesterone treatment. This hormone is started two weeks in the form of a month and is cut when the months start. It is recommended that the patient make changes in the foods he eats and to investigate whether any of the nutrients are exacerbating the symptoms. In addition to meals, vitamin B, in particular vitamin B6, helps patients in some cases.

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