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Protein-Focused Nutrition

Protein-focused diet is the recommended diet to lose weight. Well, what is the reason for this and how correct?

Protein-Focused Nutrition

Protein-focused diet is the recommended diet to lose weight. Well, what is the reason for this and how correct? Many diet programs are based on small and frequent meals. This is true up to a certain point. But what really matters is what will be consumed at these meals. In some dietary programs, protein-rich diet is mentioned. What is the reason? Should I do cardio with protein-focused diet? How should I need to lose weight?

What is Protein?

Protein is, above all, the basic building block of the cell. So cells are made up of proteins. Therefore, protein intake is indispensable. Protein addition is absolutely necessary for those who are interested in bodybuilding and weight studies or who are professionally employed in a particular sports branch. Let’s come to the reason. We use our muscles to play sports. The most heavily muscled sports are bodybuilding and fitness exercises, as you all know. Because, while other sports branches are working out on specific muscle groups, studies are being done to develop all muscle groups in fitness. Yes, we used to use our muscles while doing sports. Muscles break and get apart when doing sports and get difficulties. At the end of this, we will restructure and develop with rest and nutrition. Here works the protein we are talking about. We need the protein that we mentioned the building block of the cell to be able to construct the muscles. Incomplete recruitment, we are faced with the muscles getting bigger and smaller. Protein is first needed for this reason.

Protein-Focused Nutrition To Lose Weight

What is Protein

Protein is a food source that is difficult to digest. Especially “vegetable proteins”, ie cereals, are sources of nutrients that are more difficult to digest. For the digestion of nutrients, the body needs energy again. As energies are also taken from the food, the nutrition we take are also used by the digestive system, Here, the proteins still have a distinct place. About 20% of the protein’s energy is used during the digestion of proteins we take as food. Already protein is in the last place in use as energy need. Our bodies provide energy needs first from carbohydrates. After that, it burns the fats, then starts to use the proteins if they have to. (If we do not want to store the oils in the food we take, the nutritional supplement CLA is available.) The protein is first used to meet the needs of the cells. Protein burning starts when you are forced to do so as I say. A disadvantage of this is that excess protein intake causes the body to be stored. However, it is not so easy to get excess protein. The individual who does weight workout can consume up to 2 to 2.5 times the protein in gr. (For a serious workout). So a person weighing 70 kg can consume up to about 200 gr of protein. With a rough calculation, if we think that 100 grams of a calf are average 20 gr protein, it means one kg of red meat meal per day. If you are not a bodybuilder and you get over this, you are going to get stored. (In this calculation, the protein from other other nutrients is not considered.)

Should I Use Protein powder?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “should I use protein powder?” Protein powder is not harmful. However, the use of protein powder should be done in case of need. After calculating the protein take daily, we should go to powder if its incomplete. We are doing a more professional work in this way. In addition, we need to take our daily protein needs from natural foods first, we must complete our deficiencies with nutritional supplements. Let’s not forget that such products are food supplements. That is, they supplement the food we take. They do not take food place. Beside this, it is a general mistake made at the beginning of fitness to starts taking supplements. At first, the body does not need much protein. Taking protein as much as our body weight gr is enough in the first month. In the following months make it double 1.5 and double 2. This situation arises as the result of the need of the body. If after the workout the body is not the recovering fast, the development is stopped, and if we can not increase weight anymore, it means that we are not fed and rested enough. In these cases, supplements can be taken.

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