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Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

We know the causes of hair loss more or less, but are we aware of the two most important causes, ladies? Then you can learn by reading our article.

Our hair, which completes our clothes and gives a meaningful look, wears out over time and begins to spill. We do not care if they will be spilled in the first place, but the spills will gradually increase over time.

So you must be asking now that what’s the main cause of hair loss. Let’s accept it that hair loss is more common in women than in men.

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As each hair strand is passed through different growth stages, the rest of the hair tends to fall off over time. Every day, hair strands spill at a certain rate. I mean, it’s normal that 100 hair stands fall off daily. However, if it goes over this level, it creates both social and psychological distress.

Two Important Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

One of the two main reasons for hair loss in women is the sudden spill of hair called “telogen effluvium”. The other is the “female type hair loss” caused by genetic factors.

What is Telogen Effluvium?

Telugu effluvium, the most common cause of hair loss, occurs after pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone treatments, little or no thyroid function, high fever, iron deficiency, and causes hair loss.

What is Female Type Hair fall?

Female type hair loss based on genetic factors is similar to hair loss in men. Female type hair loss is caused by the effects of androgen hormones and causes hair to become sparse in the first place. That is, when the hair begins to fall out, it begins to slowly fade, so the person who experiences it does not realize that his/her hair is getting thinner. Although the first time it is not a complete spill, there may occur a space on forehead delay after menopause.

What kind of fall is happening in your hair?

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