Monday, October 29, 2018

Rihanna ‘I Am Sorry Mother!’

Rihanna 'I Am Sorry Mother!'

Rihanna meets the audience with Nine Ball character in Ocean’s Eight; She participated in the program and she apologized to her mother when she was photographed with a bottle on her photographs taken while she was leaving the place with her glass.

Barbados singer Rihanna was on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, along with her co-stars in Ocean’s 8.

Rihanna 'I Am Sorry Mother!' (1)The server Graham Norton, published; He showed photos of Rihanna’s bars, restaurants and hotels that he had gone to for many years, while taking her glasses with her.

Everyone was laughing when the beautiful singer, who came out of the room with a full cup in those squares, took a bottle full of photographs.


Norton told Rihanna, “Have you got permission to take these glasses?” Rihanna, looking at the photos, asked, “I think this is the glass I took to the place.

I was taking her back to the hotel I bought. “The beautiful star said,” I’ll watch it and apologize to my mother, “as she sees the square she takes from a restaurant and pours to the corner.

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